Get yer Didge On!

digde.jpgEver since “Crocodile Dundee” (or was it “The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert?”) first hit the screens and I sampled my first sounds of a didgeridoo, I’ve been wanting me one. Real bad. There’s just something so magnetic and magical about its almost unearthly yet earthy sound. I flirted briefly with buying one at a now defunct Down Under-style eatery in Old Pasadena known as Boomerock (which had a small store that sold the Aborginal instruments and other ‘stralia paraphernalia), but the prices seemed a bit steep so I passed and subsequently accepted that I was fated to be a didgeridon’t.

Until last week when a person where I work brought hers in and pointed me to the place she bought it: the Didgeridoo Store in beautiful downtown Fullerton. Jonesing hard, I paid the website an immediate visit and found they’ve got a huge variety of didges from as low as $25. I soon selected a $50 one and quicker than you can say “https, mate” I’d placed an order.

But seeing as this is not blogging.oc, I decided that before I could post here I would have to find a more local establishment that offers didges รณ and I did at L.A. Outback, previously in Laguna Beach but now at home in Studio City. The least expensive models there go for $79, but they actually encourage interested parties to come on up to “Dingo Mountain” (though it is suggested you call first to make sure they’re actually home) to kick back among the hilltop vistas and try out their variety of instruments with never any push to buy.

Can you didge it? There’s even an annual Didgeridoo Festival out in Joshua Tree… the next one’s October 11 – 17. Don’t know if I’ll be able to make that, but I certainly plan to haul my didge during my next trip to Death Valley and drone low and immaculate out on the salt flats and such.

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  1. Hey, do they have those razor-sharp boomerangs like the little kid had in Road Warrior? Be nice to have around in case angry punker car gangs start laying siege to the local Shell station.

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