Get ready for Fashion Week!

moffitt.jpg For the past couple of years, Los Angeles has been pulling out all the stops to create a Fashion Week on par with the one in New York. While it may take some time for LA to be taken that seriously, the city’s offerings have been rapidly growing (and changing — see Fashion Week in LA Loses its Split Personality).

And although I’m not a huge fan of many LA fashion statements (for example, Sean’s favorite UGG boots), I do appreciate the opportunity to see some local and independent designers. I’m also especially excited about this Thursday’s kick-off event to Fashion Week Fall 2004: Back to the Future with Peggy Moffitt & Vidal Sassoon, a conversation with the two 60s style icons. In addition to being one of my idols, Moffitt was the muse of the revolutionary LA-based designer Rudy Gernreich.

Fashion Week will continue into April (click here for the full calendar), and many of the shows are closed to the public. Luckily for readers, however, I’ve managed to get into some of the events and will and keep you abreast of anything interesting!

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