Weekend Pilgrimage – Amoeba Music

About once a month my husband (hereafter referred to as The Man) and I like to make a trip to Amoeba Music. I have only recently started building a music collection. I don’t know why it took me so long, I think I was suspicious of the CD format for a long time. I had vinyl as a kid and tapes as a teen and I didn’t really want to buy everything again. But I got over it, mostly because I have my own office now and can have music on any time I like. I’ve become a verified junkie.

As much as I like Amoeba, I always feel like an outsider. I’m not too skinny, I don’t wear makeup, I have no tattoos and my piercings are limited to my earlobes. There’s a kind of peer pressure, you wanna carry around cool music. Folks look at the long plastic cases (which I carry on my arm like a series of sharp purses) and size you up. I’ve taken a targeted approach to my visits. Sometimes I have lists of groups I want to look for, sometimes I’m just in a browse mood. But I think the key to a successful visit is to be hungry for some music. Be in the mood, be open and wear comfy shoes.

Today I headed for electronica. I picked up an album last time I was there by Bent and I thought I’d try some more from them. Nothing new, so I picked up something old (Everlasting Blink). A new Ultra Chilled (4). Mocean Worker – Home Movies from the Brainforest. Zero 7’s Simple Things.

The Man picked up the Flashback ELO which has the digitally remastered best song ever – Mr. Blue Sky. I know, it dates me as a child of the seventies, but damn, when a simple little ditty of raw optimism can make you feel twelve again, it’s worth the price of a CD. Yeah, consider it my spring resolution, but I think I’m gonna crank that song every morning.