The Best Coffee in Los Angeles

Why am I awake before nine on a Sunday? Chalk it up to the circadian-interrupting influences of the Sapphires & Tonic at the Knitting Factory last night. (Happy B’day Dave!) But that just provides me with more lovely motivation to get some of the crack-infused coffee from Kings Road. They’ve ruined me. Once you go King’s Road, you don’t go back.

If I could have a King’s Road’s coffee (or three) delivered to me with an Apple Spice Cake from Mani’s, I’d be a happy camper indeed. Now, that’s an slim breakfast of terrifying power.

I love breakfast. Where are your favorite brekkie places?

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  1. Well, these places are all a little more robust than coffe and spice cake, but here’s where I frequent:

    Lulu’s at Beverly/Formosa
    and it’s sister Toast on Third
    Doughboy’s on Third before Crescent Heights
    Quality right down the street from them
    Griddle Cafe at Sunset/Fairfax
    Rita Flora at on La Brea
    Bungalow Club on Melrose just started brunch and it’s pretty good
    Luna Park on La Brea/Sixth

    Now I just have to get rid of this pesky day job so I can go out for breakfast all week long.

  2. Do not underestimate the power of the Spice Cake. That shit is like lembas bread – keeps me going all day.

    Although I do like Quality and Lulu’s as well. I don’t care for Griddle Cafe. If I was an entire family of refugees, it might be good, but I don’t eat that much. At least not since the tapeworm.

  3. I love breakfast and will drive vast distances to eat it.

    Julienne in San Marino: You have to get there early and it’s only open on Saturdays during the weekend, but a better bittersweet chocolate waffle (with creme fraiche) you will not find.

    Cafe Figaro in Los Feliz: Great atmosphere and tasty breakfast potatoes. Better for dinner but cheaper for breakfast.

    Doughboy’s: I second that emotion.

    Marston’s in Pasadena: Great breakfast, even better salad, wonderful service.

    Ocean Diner in Hermosa Beach: My boyfriend is a fan of the biscuits and gravy. He has literally uttered the words “just like mom used to make.”

    The King’s Head in Santa Monica: I dig the veggie English breakfast with eggs, fried(!) bread, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms. This is also the only breakfast I know that goes well with beer.

    Backdoor Bakery in Silver Lake: Spittin’ distance from my house, so I usually walk over for a grilled pepper/smoked mozzarella croissant to go.

    R.I.P. Caffe Latte in Mid-Wilshire, which had the best granola/yogurt/fruit combo and the best coffee.

  4. I love the coffee at this little hole of a place called City Cafe down in the jewelry district downtown.

    Backdoor is great, but you’ve gotta drink it there – otherwise they give you styro.

    Cafe Tropical has great coffee too – strong!

  5. I love Groundwork Coffee Co. on Traction by third. Kinda out of the way, but insanely great coffee. If anyone knows where I can get a decent cup a joe around Bunker Hill (downtown), I’d love you forever. Why is there so much bad coffee in LA?

  6. the coffee at figaro in los feliz is delicious!!!organic too, kind of pricey, two bucks a cup, but worth it for coffee lovers.

  7. Best coffee near Bunker Hill? Well I’m an espresso drinker, and the best espresso in town can perhaps be found at the cafe in the lobby of the REDCAT Theater, on the back side of the Walt Disney Concert Hall building. I’ve never had their drip coffee, but if its as good as their espresso you will be very happy. Great low-key vibe too.

    My two other favorites:
    The Conservatory in Culver City
    The Coffee Klatch in San Dimas (a long drive, but worth it if you’re ever out that way).

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