Paved paradise and put up a parking lot?

Drive down Vermont Avenue south of Santa Monica Boulevard past L.A. City College and one can’t help but notice that something’s changed. Where once the stadium grandstand looked out upon a verdant football field surrounded by a quarter-mile track that was well-utilized by students and community residents, now all that can be cheered from the stands is … a parking facility? And a pretty serious, heavy-duty, and long-term one by the looks of it.


A visit to the LACC website left me with the vague impression that the lot is some sort of perma-temp installation connected with ongoing campus construction projects, but being a naturally curious cat, I contacted the Los Angeles Community College Disctrict HQ to dig out some more solid information.

So I went to the LACCD website ( last Wednesday and found the public relations contact as well as the contact for something called “facilities management and development” and I fired off a list o’ questions along the lines of, when, why, what, how and so forth and so on.

I already found a partial answer to one of the questions (is it impacting any sports programs?) when during my visit there this past Saturday (I’m struggling through a beginning guitar class รณ my new year’s rez) and saw a notice posted looking for students interested in track and field. It stated that practices for the coming season would be taking place at USC. That commute’s gotta suck.

Of course, I haven’t yet heard from the LACCD people I emailed, but perhaps a perfunctory blow-off is yet to arrive. Whether it does or they just flat continue to ignore me (or miracle of miracles they actually answer my questions), I’ll most certainly be following up and relaying any info I find.

3 thoughts on “Paved paradise and put up a parking lot?”

  1. Could be temporary – Caltech did that recently during a construction project. They turned some greenspace into a parking lot, then turned it back at the end – the cheapest solution to the parking woes caused by construction. I guess paving a flat space is pretty quick and cheap.

    Taking the athletic fields though, that’s pretty desperate.

  2. Thanks to Bronwyn for the link to Steve Lopez’ column, and I agree with Betty that it’s probably temporary (the LACC map online refers to it as the “interim faculty and staff” parking).

    Seems ironic that with such a notable drop in said faculty and staff at the college (as reported by Lopez) those remaining now have this huge space in which to stow their vehicles.

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