Beverly Center

Had to swing by the lovely Beverly Center today and just thought I’d share some of my observations from the excursion…

– The mid-mall chairs on each level are all filled with dudes sitting there bored off their asses, obviously waiting for their special lady friends who are shopping in some nearby store.

– There’s a Sony store there now, packed wall to wall with stuff way cooler than the stuff that was in there when Discovery Zone occupied the storefront a few months ago.

– All guys dress like idiots, and all stores only sell clothes for guys who want to dress like idiots. The one exception was the Ben Sherman stuff at Bloomingdales, but that is quickly made up for by the idiotic pricing. $60 for a short sleeve shirt?

– Super Short Skirts and Belly T-shirts are a bad idea in general, especially so if you are a 12 year old girl, or 45 year old mom.


– Dude, I’m not checking out your ugly ass girlfriend so stop flattering yourself.

– Ice Blended Tea Lattes?

– If your store is on the food court level, it’s probably not a great business plan to yell at people when they walk in holding drinks they bought 3 seconds ago at the place next door. I’m glad you don’t think I’m responsible enough to not spill my drink (with a straw and lid) all over your crappy ass clothes.

– In the parking garage, see that big ass arrow pointing left, and the cones to the right? That means you really are NOT supposed to turn right and drive over the cones. I mean, I don’t work there but that’s my guess anyway.

2 thoughts on “Beverly Center”

  1. damn, bad mall day……… crystal and i hit the glendale galleria for a few hours sunday morning. aplple store, food court & lenscrafters. i try to avoid the BC at all costs. beisdes having to dodge the stroller brigades it was not thhat bad.

  2. Ben Sherman shirts?! Yes, who the hell exactly is he that he can charge that much for dumb plaid shirt. Guess hipsters feel he givest them legitimacy. Dumbasses.

    When dudes think I’m checking out their chicks (although i might be), i start smiling and than the dude thinks his chick is smiling too and than the fun begins…

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