weird times

Liking a lot of girl bands (no doubt no. pretenders yes), I check out the japanese girls samurai tour usa 2004 – playing at the silverlake lounge.

Tsushimamire – Going into this gig, I thought they would be the least interesting as they were billed as the girlie rock trio. Ho hum, but I guess they didn’t get the memo about rock being dead cuz they rocked hard with a western surf undertone. Remember the 5 6 7 8’s from kill bill. They sounded like them but much better. However, someone needs to tell them its not necessary to wear those cheap 5.99 geisha robes on stage over their clothes. It looks weird but I bought their cd.

Noodles – The crowd seem to dig this japanese indie band, which sounded strong during the sound check but lost me during their actual session. The music was well crafted but as rap master mc hammer says, “its in the hook” and unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. This 4 piece band (3 guitarist and a drummer) seem to pass their indie 101 class very well though. Ok, the lead singer will be cute and wear tight jeans, a tee shirt that has a vague word written on it (lesson 1) and some vans. Meanwhile the other girls will be metrosexual in that androgynous or tom boy look. All will be super skinny. Done!

Petty Booka – Apparently someone dropped me off in a david lynch film but neglected to tell me. On the wall was the lit sigh “salvation” and standing below were two japanese women dressed up like dale evans in white and red chaps, cowboy hats and bootsplaying their ukelale’s! Huh? But than they start harmonizing and singing patsy kline and other country songs – and i realize why cowboys like this s.hit. This band was the bomb (do people still use this word?) But I just kept wondering what the chances that two japanese women dressed like cowboys and playing the ukelele would bump into each other were. Astronomical i would think.

People of note at the show:
Sensitive asian artist guy – brings his sketch book to draw people in the crowd. Yea, I know, creative types bring their book everwhere for practice or when the inspiration hits them, they start drawing. Even at a concert. But damn, you don’t see the ihop cook bring his spatula with them do you?
Too cool asian guy – stands in the very front with his trucker cap that has beer caps instead of buttons sewn on in the side. Just stood their looking stoic while the band played. At least tap your feet, it’s not against the law you know.
Too crazy white guy – conversely, you have this guy dancing like a dervish in the front as if trying to subconsciously consciously tell the band, “Look at me dance, I’m your biggest fan, please date me”. Guess what fella, it ain’t happening.
George lucas – george lucas? that can’t be george lucas. What the hell would george lucas be doing in this dive club in silverlake. I don’t think that was george lucas – I hope not, I would have kicked his ass for f.ucking up the star war series.

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  1. grrrrrrr! dagnabbit, why didn’t ya tell us about this BEFORE. I would’ve gone in a heartbeat.

    Ah well… sounds like it was entertaining at least.

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