zero visibility

What the fog is going on right now? Caryn just pointed out that it looks like there was a massive blackout in hollywood because it’s pitch black outside of our living room window. This is unusual because we live on a hill in silverlake and can normally see down into hollywood for miles but there’s some crazy ass fog kickin it right now and we can barely see across the street. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, anyone know what the hell is going on?

OH! And by the way, we’re finishing up getting the new writers hooked up so expect to see some new names around here shortly.

4 thoughts on “zero visibility”

  1. It’s been happening the past few days, and I really noticed it on Sunday afternoon while driving on the 405 South from the Valley into the city, where it was over 20 degrees cooler. Seriously. It was really fucking cool, literally and figuratively. ^_^

  2. We get fog all the time where we live. Of course, we are in Mar Vista and the fog probably contributed to that plane that crashed into the house 2 blocks from where we live…

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