Ticketcracker, please.

I find it very appropriate that I had to type in “costly” as word verification while ordering tickets (for Siouxsie Sioux) from Ticketmaster today.

$8.35 “convenience” charge per ticket? Yes, I’m sure it was very convenient for them to charge me that amount. $2 building facility charge? What in hellfire and damnation does that mean? These people are worse than the cursed phone company when it comes to making up obscure fees.

I think I’m going to start sending bills to companies that insist on inventing countless bogus ways to rob us just to show them that I can play their game, too.

Mailbox facility charge: $2
National spam defense tax: $3
Me not coming to your corporate office with a machete charge: $6.66

9 thoughts on “Ticketcracker, please.”

  1. ticketbastard was going to charge me $100 convenience charge for my hockey playoff tickets. that got me to drive my ass to the box office.

  2. Yep, we were going to see one of my favorite bands EVER, the knock-you-in-the-head thugs Blood for Blood but it would have wound up costing $60 for both of us to go. Not too convenient. Plus, it makes me sick to my little stomach to think of paying that much money (and Clear Channel for that matter) when all I really want to do is see this band play in a club that seats 20 people, all of whom are three hundred pound tattooed guys who would shoot you if you looked at them wrong. But no, it’s at the Wiltern. Pussies.

  3. hey bob, i just remembered, isn’t there a ticketmaster window next to the pantages that doesn’t charge the convenience fee, or did that go away?


  4. JASON: I didn’t think you were a fan! By all means, we’d love to have your company! CARYN: Seeing a show in a smallish, packed-to-the-rafters-with-miscreants venue for the price of a bottle of malt liquor is always my preference, too! Boo to ‘concerts,’ yay for ‘shows!’ YO: I believe so! Same with The Dead Milkmen. It’s not a good week for bass players, I guess. SLAPPIN: Ah, I remember that window fondly, but I fear it’s nothing but a memory. I keep my eyes open when I’m over that way, but it looks to be gone, daddy, gone.

  5. Damn right!

    Ticketmaster is a bunch of fucking crooks!!

    I just tried to buy tickets for one of my favourite bands and gave up because of all the fees attached. $3.00 to mail it to me? or $3.00 to PICK IT UP FROM THE GODDAMN TICKETMASTER OUTLET? Does it take $3.00 worth of labour for their little slave insects to print out a few pieces of pressed paper for me?

  6. $100 buck convenience charge for hockey tickets? Well fuck me sideways and call me Shirley. I got their $100 bucks here right on the tip of my boot enema applicator, Ill give them a convenient leather enema alrighty way up their thieving asses!!

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