People drive around alot in l.a. because its a freaking big and you better have a radio unless you like listening to other people’s music or hearing the smog congeal overhead. But if you’re new, here’s a small and quick synopsis of the various stations here in the city.

89.9 KCRW: This is the npr station that plays eclectic hip music. To give you an ideal of their musical stylings, they always have their ads play before indie and foreign films. So yea, many times I fall asleep to this damn station regardless how many times I try listening to it…which is really bad when I’m driving.

93.1 KCBS: This is the oldies rock which means you get a lot led zeppelin, aerosmith and boston. Because new rock sucks for the most part. Do people like bob segar and pat benetar listen to this station to get an ego boost when they see their career careening in a downward spiral which may have nothing to do with drugs or alcohol?

95.5 KLOS: One of the last remaining big rock stations from back in the 70’s. They too play a lot of led zeppelin, aerosmith and boston too. Why, because new rock still sucks even 3 seconds after you just read it in the previous entry. The only thing this station has left is yesterdays music to hope boost ad revenues and make aging old rock stars feel good about themselves since they hear themselves on a supposedly not oldies rock station.

92.3 KHHT: This is good slow jams music if you want to put someone in the mood – unless one of you is in the aryan nation and/or has a copy of “creed of iron” in the back seat, you won’t be listening to this station.

103.1 KDLD: This is the cool indie station if you don’t mind a lot of intellectual 80’s music like talking heads and elvis costello. Apparently nada surf is really big now since thats on their heavy rotation now. This station use to play rave house music but must have realized that their listeners were on the decline because they were constantly on e and playing with their glow sticks causing them to crash and not care what they were listening to.

103.5 KOST: They play a lot saccarine sweet love songs ie: celine dion, crystal gayle. They are the music for people who aren’t very good in bed and spend most of their foreplay time hugging in slow motion with the tv on instead of kissing, making out and drowing out the neighbors noise with their moans.

106.7 KROQ: This use to be indie rock but has now become “modern rock”. They play a lot of linkin park and evanescence. They use to be a good station 20 years ago but are only moderately ok now. Why? Because they play a lot of linkin park and evanescence.

But maybe you just want to listen to the most popular station in la. Well, I think that would be 107.5. or 101.9. Its the spanish station. Lot of hispanic people in los angeles. Wonder where they think the “eastside” is.

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  1. Don’t forget 89.3 KPCC. NPR, original talk shows, PRI Marketplace, and other goodies. The station covers most of LA, Orange county, and the near side of Ventura county.

    I’m either listening to KPCC or Sirius satellite radio.

  2. …or 88.9 KXLU, cuz the kids there are alright if you want something more free form and collegiate style broadcast. I’m basically listening to streamed audio now….

  3. If you’re into that sort of thing (and I am), you can get good national and occasionally local sports talk at ESPN 710 AM, mediocre and mostly local sports talk at 1540, and San Diego-heavy sports talk a couple of places in the 600s. 640 AM is KFI, which is good to know for news, and also presuming Phil Hendrie is still there. Fabulous 540 is good if you need an occasional crooner fix, and who doesn’t?

  4. Joe: For some reason, whenever I turn to ESPN 710, I always get Fred Roggin. I like him on tv but he seems too glib on radio or something. 1150 is good and I usually just miss rome but get mychael thompson and the other guy. 540 sounds cool, I’m a dial that in.

  5. There’s a station missing from this handly little list — it is KPFK at 90.7, and for details of it online go to — they offer REAL alternative/indie music selections — like Afro-Dicia, Restless Soul and Folk Scene.

  6. Your observations tions list only stations that serve a specific genre. For alternative genre of music that I listen to.

    92.3 100.3 105.9-3 top urban radio stations
    88.1-if you like old jazz
    94.7-for those smooth jazz moments
    93.9-country music
    98.7 104.3-smooth rock
    102.3-soul steve wonders station
    As far as the AM goes you would have to listen to talk radio and tune in sports
    570 home of the Lakers games
    690 clippers
    1070 news 24/7
    1110 kings
    1150 dodgers

  7. I cry when I think about what KROQ (remember when Lovelines was funny and used to be on Sunday latenights, good times) used to be and I listen to the crap that they play now, what happened to Poorman and why does Kevin and Bean think they are talented, are they even from LA? Does anyone remember KKHR? Maybe I’m just an old bat.

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