FM 2

Don’t forget:

101.1 K-Earth – They play “Brown Eyed Girl” fifty times a day, but also a lot of the Supremes, James Brown, and the Beatles. I enjoy screeching along with the Turtles’ “Happy Together” while driving because I can’t sing. I heart the oldies!

88.1 – It’s a jazz station. I always get fuzzy reception, but it beats listening to Linkin Park and Evanescence.

98.7 – “Hey! Isn’t that Star! What the fuck is up your earhole?” Well, when they do 80’s flash backs, how can you resist? Fool, you cannot deny Bananarama.

7 thoughts on “FM 2”

  1. Dare I risk ridicule in mentioning classical station KMZT (K-Mozart as they call it) at 105.1FM? It’s not only good for background sounds while I’m around, but also great for my cats, for whom I leave it on while I’m away during the day at work. They seem to enjoy it. At least I don’t come home and find throw-up on the rug like when I used to leave on 98.7 for them.

  2. Thanks, Nicole!

    Will – I totally forgot about the classical stations! I’ve stopped listening for a while, but I will valiantly stand by you in the face of ridicule.

  3. IMHO KUSC is better than KMZT (even if only for the not-gay call letters – they should have stayed with KKGO), but I always thought KUSC was 91.5? Or do they broadcast over both frequencies?

    I would think that the Classical stations are far less embarrassing than 94.7 KTWV (The Wave). They used to play some decent stuff 10+ years ago, like Mark Isham, Everything But The Girl, and even Paul Simon (along with boring stuff like Yanni). I wonder what’s going on with them now?

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