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As you might have heard, Bill HR 3717 was passed by the House. You can read about how this bill here and here. Only 22 members of the house voted against this, the other 391 had no problem trampling on the constitution to save us all from the horrors of Janet Jacksons boob. If you take a look at who voted, you’ll find that our own Congressman Xavier Becerra voted FOR this (so did Nancy Pelosi but that’s SF’s problem). I have a really hard time buying that with all the media people in LA, Becerra thinks he’s supporting what the people who put him into office feel. Yeah, I’m sure everone over at CBS loves the idea of higher fines, and I bet everyone loves how vague the FCC’s discription of what’s offensive is. I bet he’d love to hear your opinion on the situation, he can be reached locally at hsi Los Angeles Office, 1910 Sunset Blvd., Suite 560, Los Angeles, CA 90026 – (213) 483-1425. Or use his retro 1995 style website to “send your comment to his electronic message board”. Or use this. Meanwhile this bill still needs to go through the senate, so if you want to drop our Senator, Dianne Feinstein a note, you can e-mail her at [email protected] . OK, that’s my rant for the moment – let the flames begin. (thanks Ruth!)

Keep reading to see the text that Ruth sent to Mr. Becerra.

Ruth wrote:

Dear Mr. Becerra –

After reading this article I am utterly disgusted and want to voice my
outrage to you as soon as possible, especially since my investigations told
me that you voted FOR this horrible legislation.

Only 22 members of the House were able to see the severity of this situation
and vote against this bill – YOU and the other 390 of our “representatives”
I see have no problem violating the Constitution if it means we won’t have
to see Janet Jackson’s boobie on tv any more.

Sir, this is not about Janet Jackson or Howard Stern or any other one person
– this is about trampling the Constitution and violating the free speech
right guaranteed to every one of us. If you don’t like what’s on the radio
or tv, turn the thing off. Freedom of speech is our MOST IMPORTANT RIGHT –
that’s why it’s the FIRST Amendment to our Constitution.

If this bill passes the House our President will surely sign it into law,
and that will usher in a truly dark age in this country. We simply can’t let
this happen.

I can’t believe more people aren’t up in arms about this, but I believe the
media is so scared of being censored next that no one is even reporting on
this. This is a clear case of a very vocal minority running roughshod over
the entire rest of our country. Joe McCarthy was eventually exposed and held
up to ridicule, but not before he literally ruined the lives of many, many
people. We need to learn from that mistake and not repeat it.

You have let me down and I will not forget this come re-election time for
you. In addition I am letting all my (voter) friends know about your vote. I
called your office today but the person who answered the phone hustled me
off before I had the chance to finish speaking – something ELSE I didn’t
quite care for. You work for ME – Shame on you.

Thank you.

Ruth Waytz

Feel free to copy and paste that.

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  1. Before everyone fires off letters to Becerra, you should probably double check who your rep is (which you can do on If you’re in the 30th, then your rep is Waxman and, as usual, he come through on the good side. It might be worth your time, though, to write and thank him for his No vote.

    I can’t believe only there were only 22 No’s. It’s so disheartening. Don’t forget, when writing Feinstein, to reference the bill number (S.2056), so she knows for sure what you’re talking about.

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