Vote Early, vote often!

Grant checks in about the new electronic voting in Orange County, and how the votes are so important there, the system counted many of them twice. Turns out in the end, there were more votes than voters. While OC is NOT LA, this kinda relates because lots of people want to bring this system here too. And what a great system it is!

“I’m happy I live in this county, here I know that my vote will be counted. And I’m confident that, even if we have some problems, it’s nothing to worry about. I mean, Steve Rodermund, Orange County’s registrar of voters, says that despite the problems, he is satisfied with the performance of Orange County’s new electronic voting system. So why shouldn’t I be?”

/end sarcasm

One thought on “Vote Early, vote often!”

  1. Isn’t LA already scheduled to move to this system?
    I think around the time of the recall I heard that the InkaVote system we used this time is temporary, to be replaced by something electronic in due time.

    Does anyone know more? I can’t find anything on the registrar-recorder’s site.

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