Cho + Stern

Everyone knows LA Local (loco) Margret Cho is no fan of Howard Stern. They talk smack about each other regularly. So it should mean something that she’s stepping up to defend him in regards to what’s going on with the FCC. She blogs:

I am going to be on Howard Stern’s show on Wednesday.
Even though he has trashed me in the past, I have said nasty things about nearly everyone who is living or dead – so fuck it, I am not gonna cast the first stone. I am horrified that our First Amendment Rights are being eroded and that we have less and less of a voice in the media. Dissidents are being charged with breaking the rules. Even the most minor infractions are punishable by monstrous fines and people cannot risk speaking up for themselves because they could lose their jobs, or have illicit pornography dropped into their computers, or be brought before a New World Order Joseph McCarthy…

Jeff Jarvis has a much more detailed report about the situation as well. If you only click one link today, it should be that one.

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