Hey Bunny! She likes it!

Bunny McIntosh is visting LA and echos what I’ve been trying to tell people since moving here years ago. She says:

Anyone who says LA is dirty, ugly, shitty, shallow, horrid, et al is jaded, angry, fucking BLIND, completely spoiled, and probably can’t see any beauty in anything anywhere. So quit complaining about LA, America. Be pumped: this place represents. Fuck the nay sayers.

I saw a Frank Gehery building in all it’s gorgeousness today.

This city is breathtaking.

I couldn’t agree more.

5 thoughts on “Hey Bunny! She likes it!”

  1. Today is a truly gorgeous day. I am just posting to say “word.” Because I’ve been head over heels in love with my city for a lonnggg time. All the hatas can go pout somewhere else!

  2. I second, third and fourth that. Bunny’s comment is right on the money. I’ve never lived anywhere where people with little to no experience with the city were so ready to complain and yet so, so wrong.

  3. Meh.

    Go drive the 405 from The Valley to LAX for a few days, and tell me how much you love this town, baby.

    If you still love my town, try doing the 10 from Santa Monica to Downtown.

    Then try getting across Hollywood in less than an hour during just about any weekday.

    If you STILL love LA . . . I would like to know where you get your Tequila, and what brand it is.

    Thank you.

  4. Being stuck in L.A. traffic is fun, if you have a car with climate control, and an iPod full of hawaiian ukelele records. Even without those items, you can still pass the time watching the guy in the BMW next to you slowly and meticulously pick his nose…he thinks that no one is watching! tee hee!

  5. >If you STILL love LA . . . I would like to know where you
    >get your Tequila, and what brand it is.

    Wil my man, you’re crazy. I drive through Hollywood every single day and it doesn’t take me anywhere near an hour. And regardless, I don’t think traffic is the sole thing that one should base their opinion of a city.

    Also, I think it’s important to remember that heavy traffic isn’t an LA exclusive. I have friends from Denver that bitch non-stop about LA traffic, yet never acknowledge that their rush hour can be just as bad, if not worse since they’ve go NO options for alternate routes. Toss in winter weather and you’re talking 2-3 hour commutes, just like here.

    If you don’t want a long commute, then maybe you shouldn’t live in the suburbs?

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