oh shit. i think i was supposed to turn left on washington.

I live in stupid suburbia, and don’t make it into not-stupid-LA as often as I’d like. When I do make it into LA, it’s usually for a show at sixspace, or to watch one of my friends do some funny somewhere like ACME or Theatresports.

Last night, I went to the show at sixspace which everyone MUST go see. Caryn did a fucking brilliant job of balancing the awesome rock-n-skating pictures we expect with the introspective, arty, interesting photography Glenn wants to share with the world.

After sixspace, fellow one-eyed-cultist and dirty fez wearer Kat followed me and Anne to ACME, (via several wrong turns and a tour of Koreatown) where we watched the new AC[lightning bolt]ME “Back in Black” show.

After the show, we ate dinner and had drinks next door with the cast at Amalfi. It was after eleven when we finally rolled back into stupid suburbia.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I hate Los Angeles and can’t wait to move away when the kids are out of school. But I driving over Beverly last night, I realized that I don’t hate Los Angeles. Los Angeles is fantastic. It’s surburbia that sucks.

2 thoughts on “oh shit. i think i was supposed to turn left on washington.”

  1. I’m amazed how many people travel within LA and don’t know where they are going. My suggestion is to purchase a Thomas Guide. This map is the best friend of truck drivers and anyone who has to travel in LA. I know people who have the guide still get lost. But that’s the fun of living in LA.

    Try to travel in utah where the streets are named north, south, east, west.

  2. Being both misanthropic and full of road rage, there are few places in LA I could stand living in. As for the suburbs, even the few not-crap ones have their drawbacks (generally far from the city, and you still have to deal with the traffic).

    If only Santa Barbara wasn’t so far from LA. :D

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