I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone

Thank goodness the blue skies are back…all that gray gloom and rain business was crimping my style, yo. The return of breathtaking sunsets is welcomed back by this kid just off Sunset Blvd.

7 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone”

  1. your ass is too fat but i think the piper’s is even fatter, by the way is the BPT teacher going to take you to have your balls choped off yet? your not happy about this are ye, Pierre? you donnot want your manhood gone do ye, well, we’ll see what we can do for ye. the reply – thanks Jock i don’t want to lose me balls, my manhood, coz if the BPT has me balls choped off i’ll just be a thing..like a girl, so, thanks Jock, ye are a really good brother.

  2. presiyesterdaesioucious . Pierre? our dad (the general) is now saying that ye have got to go along with it and have your balls choped off. Pierre? has our dad had his balls choped off?. the reply – i don’t think so, he has always been the leader, he wouldn’t, he’s a breeding cat-skunk. the reply back – we’re dogs all right?! Pierre, we have to have our balls choped off sooner or later, i don’t know why, probably to stop us males gettin’ agressive and fighting! to make us more layed back akay?

  3. How embarrassing! these are my sons ‘Pierre and Jock’ please forgive then, they accidently somehow transformed this conversation on to here and i noticed that they spelled chopped wrong they only put one p in there. it must of been a mistake

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