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Its been awhile since I posted, but I think I’ve got a post that might appeal to a great many of us Angeleno’s: determining who makes the best pizza in East LA. We hosted a pizza party this Saturday, complete with blind taste testing, score forms, and our nerdy asses even created charts and graphs to go along with the results. We geeked out to the fullest so you can pick out a pie without the worry of ordering a dud in a cardboard box.

A major player was missing due to the downpour Saturday night (Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock), but Vito’s, Nicky D’s, Pizza Paul, Palermo’s, Hard Times and Mr. Pizza all delivered a six-shooter of cheesy-sauced dough to our doorstep to get the party started right. When all was said and done, a definite victor came out on top in our blind taste test. Guess who?

8 thoughts on “Best of East LA Pizza”

  1. Great report. We of the east side routinely suffer the slings of arrows of those who think good eatin’ is only on the West.

    But… To crown a winner without Casa Bianca? It just ain’t right!

  2. Dave: we definitely crowned a winner with some hesitation because of the absence of Casa Bianca. But honestly, I have doubts it would have taken down the top dog of the taste test…at least in the plain cheese department. The winning pizza was that gooooood! We’re planning to host a best of East LA specialty pizzas sometime later, and you can bet your sliced pepperoni we’ll have Casa Bianca this time (I will handle this personally and order a few hours in advance to ensure delivery).

  3. i liked the nicky d’s for silverlake/los feliz available pizza too, but i have had things there that were SO DAMN SALTY that i had to throw them away. have they worked that issue out yet?

  4. Slappin’: You know, you’re right. I never noticed that saltiness of my favourite pizza establishment until we had a plain cheese pizza. I think because we normally get pizzas with an assortment of toppings, the additional flavours masked the salt factor. The comments on the site support this opinion….

  5. Silverlake is not East LA. East LA is the county area between the City of LA and Montebello.

  6. Would really like to see a follow-up with Pizza Paul vs Casa Bianca vs Capri. Man, if I lved around there I’d do it myself!

    Enjoyed your taste test and write-up!

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