The Schwartz is powerful with this one

I know I should be posting this on Fucked State but since we officially closed that site after the election it’s going here instead. According to Reuters, The Govenator spent some mad cash on his campaign, and by “mad” I mean “illegal.”

A California judge ruled on Monday that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (news – web sites) broke state law by borrowing more than $4.5 million to finance his run for governor in last October’s recall election.

In a preliminary decision that could force Schwarzenegger to repay the money personally, Superior Court Judge Loren McMaster ruled on Monday that the Republican governor had violated a law restricting candidates from accepting personal loans of more than $100,000 for their campaigns, said Lowell Finley, the lawyer who filed a lawsuit challenging the loan.

“The judge ruled that Schwarzenegger’s loans he obtained from a bank and then personally loaned to his committee were illegal,” Finley said. “He broke the law by a multiple of forty.”