Opening night fun


One of the things you pretty much have to do as an art gallery is throw an opening reception for your latest show. It’s always something that I’ve both loved and hated. For one, I love to show off the new work that’s in the gallery and that usually involves a new artist that I’m excited for people to discover. On the other hand, it has a party-vibe and even though we don’t serve the hooch, it can be a little exhausting. Sometimes, openings are more fun that others. This can be from a variety of factors…the public’s enthusiasm, artists show up on time, sales, etc. All that said, the opening we had last Saturday for newcomers Martin Ontiveros and Donovan Crosby was so fantastic! Great people came out to see the show, conversations we overheard regarding the work was positive, artists were amazing, and sales were solid. I hope that this is a taste of what 2004 has to offer because it sure was fun and, sometimes, that can be rare.

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