About an hour ago, I called 911 for the first time since I’ve lived in LA. I was very impressed with the service. They picked up after about a half ring, and asked about my emergency and I said “Someone is trapped in the elevator,” and they knew exactly who to transfer me to. One second later I got the fire department rescue operator who asked about the problem, got my address, and sent help. They got here about five minutes later and they actually thought that wasn’t very fast. I wish Sprint would take a cue from them so I don’t have to threaten to quit every time I get a bill.

2 thoughts on “911”

  1. That’s great response from 911. I’ve called it several times from various cell phones (including GM OnStar) and frequently do not get through. One time was for a heart-attack victim and I never got through on the cell (ATT TDMA). Luckily in that case, I ran into a store and told them to call and they got through instantly. Course, I’ve also called and got through with just a few mintues on hold. The problem is that cellphone 911 calls go through the California Highway Patrol call center. That’s a lot of callers.

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