After all the times I poked fun at 1-800-Dentist it figures that I should wake up this morning with one side of my jaw swollen to the point I could hardly sip coffee let alone talk. While I’m sure my co workers enjoyed my unusual silence, I must find a dentist and remedy this situation immediately.

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m in pain?

My gentle dentist is way back on the east coast, taking care of teeth related issues when I visit Mom and Dad sounded like a good idea until now.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I don’t have Dental insurance so cheap is good.

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  1. Dan Hilton DDS is perfection – he’s out in Woodland Hills which is closer than East Coast. Ironically, my aunt flies from East Coast to Woodland Hills for regular check-ups.

  2. mike – how good is prefection? Obviously I need to find a dentist myself, but I’m not going unless I find one who is godlike. Unlike moxie, I’ve got time to be picky as I’m in no current pain, but who knows how long that is going to last.

  3. I’ve been going to this dentist’s offices, and in fact was there on Monday morning: Roberta Cerveny D.D.S., in Encino, at the corner of Ventura and Balboa.

    Dunno how they are in terms of affordability (don’t have anyone else to compare them to since I’ve been going to them for years), but I assume you can always ask for their prices before booking an appointment. Good luck!

  4. Dr. Daniel Scott is in Larchmont, and he’s exceptional. I just moved to L.A. a few months ago, had a similar traumatic experience, and Dr. Scott came to my rescue.

    He isn’t dirt cheap, but he’s not a rip-off either. Definitely maximum care for a reasonable rate.

  5. After five years, I finally found an awesome dentist in Culver City. He’s pretty old school, but does a great job and his staff is real friendly. The dentist does the actual cleaning (with assistance from a hygenist) and gives lots of advice on how to keep your mouth healthy and clean. If someone wants his info email me at – jonah at lablogs.com – I had a filling from him and he repaired some work a cheesey Beverly Hills dentist flubbed on my girlfriend.

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