Leaving Los Angeles

Haven’t posted in a few days because I drove my sorry ass up to San Francisco to see the San Francisco Art International Fair and hang out with my friends Tim and Danielle. I’ll be posting ALL about that on my own site soon and will be sure to let keep you posted…some things I was keeping track of were striped paintings, wire art, facelifts, and bad art (although I lost track of that).

Glad to be back in LA though…it’s a lot warmer here!

2 thoughts on “Leaving Los Angeles”

  1. hi caryn,i think i met you before?did you goto the camille rose garcia opening at the mk gallery?i bought the camille postcard set and you saw it and said that you bought the original pirate painting by camille…i also saw you at the shepard fairey show talking to coop and ruth.i’m in the “this is your god” photo section under “more people”….anyway enough crap outta me.by the way,you have a great art gallery(sixspace)!keep up the great work!bLiNkY

  2. blinky…thanks so much! Yes it is me. Thanks for all the support…hope to see you again soon! -C

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