Yummy Sushi

If you’re in the neighborhood, EDO Sushi 2 has a great menu. I ain’t no restaurant critic, but they’ve yet to disappoint. Their salmon sashimi isn’t as good as what’s served at Enshino, but… that’s to be expected.

2 Replies to “Yummy Sushi”

  1. My fave valley sushi is Sumo Sushi; amazing rolls! Service can be a bit spotty when sitting at a table but the sushi makes up for it. Over by all the car dealerships on Van Nuys Blvd.

    5254 Van Nuys Blvd, †Sherman Oaks,†CA†91401
    818 728-0567

  2. If you can stand being served by the sushi equivalent of the Soup Nazi, Nozawa in Sherman Oaks is the best traditional Edo-style sushi in town.

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