Add Your Own

LA Blogs points out a cool new site, Add Your Own which is a user driven restaurants guide. It’s like a Wiki in that anyone can edit anything, which is great for something like this. People can post about feed they like, and other people can follow up with their opinions. They cover other cities to, but who really cares about that?

2 thoughts on “Add Your Own”

  1. hmm, user-driven like zagat’s but voted by the technically literate. it’s a sexy idea, and the website looks cool, but i’m skeptical it’ll produce quality results.

    LA’s notorious for bad zagat guides. compared to Boston guides which tend to have better recs.

  2. No section on the Eaglerock or Highland Park area, or whatever the heck it’s called (Northeast LA?). I wanted to tell the world about Polka, the awesome polish restaurant. Well, I guess I sort of am. Polka is an awesome polish restaurant, in Eaglerock.

    I’m hungry.

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