Art like a knife…

Going to an art show early meant avoiding most of the hipsters and scensters who show up to drink and mingle with their “friends” that they haven’t seen since, oh the last art show. But it also meant a chance to see yoshitomo nara and have him sign and draw (!) inside one of the books he was selling. Known for his mad little girls done in poppy anime undertone style, nara had three rooms of art. His installation was a clint eastwood movie.

The good: One room contained 6′ by 6′ paintings that were surprisingly very very* good because most of the stuff I had previously seen were mostly smaller pieces and going big is a completely different genre. No detail was lost and in fact gained as pupils and lips contained minute marks that clarified the painting even standing 15 feet away. Unfortunately, the 20000 was left in my other pants pocket.

The bad: And apparently nara takes photos too. Probably uses a decent camera Which is all nice and fine but really, what made them intrisically interesting – because there were pictures of little kids, japanese landscapes and other peoples of the world? Or was it only because they were taken by nara. My grandmother could snap a lot of kodaks too and I’m fairly certain that something cool will turn out. Oddly enough, his photo book is called, “the good, the bad, the average…the unique”. Sure.

The mediocre: There was a not so secret room that had colored drawings and sketches that nara originally want hung in the main gallery. But we saw them and there’s a reason why these are in the back. They’re only ok. Although they were done last year, and maybe he was exploring new territory with style (they almost looked like copies by a bad plagerist or stuff done way early in his career), content (girls faces in mountains) or medium (the back of different size envelopes which not only was pretty cool, was cheaper than gesso canvas).

On a side note, he wasn’t doing any drawings in personal sketch books – probably due to ebay sellers. Which of course wouldn’t be so prevalent if he didn’t tear random shit out of his sketch book and sell them for thousands of dollars.

*Also, I will never be a very very good journalist because I like to use certain words to build up word count.

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  1. When and where was this opening? The JPEG is a little too small for me to make out. Does this mean that I missed a Yoshitomo Nara opening on Los Angeles? I might hang myself.

  2. Oh, Caryn! Darn! It was in the “Continue reading…” part of your post and I didn’t even see the link. I thought the Catherine Opie show was the whole post. Darn me, really. Oh well. At least the show is still up for me to go see. :)

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