Lost in the woods

I love to walk. Love it. But I live in Encino which is about the ugliest town to go walking in. I generally just do laps around the block. It’s tolerable and I’ve all but given up on finding an interesting place to walk. Today I found a little gem out here in the valley. When the state was on fire I was tipped off about a great vantage point at the top of Reseda Blvd south of Ventura so I headed up and got some pretty good shots. There is a little park there which is nice and quaint but what I didn’t know is if you go up the fire road into the mountains you can walk the fire road for miles and miles. People ride mountain bikes up there as well as take old sparky for a walk. There was evidence (i.e. huge piles of crap) of horses as well. But the view is breathtaking and it’s relatively uncrowded. I was walking for an hour and a half and saw about 10 people. You have to be in pretty good shape just to get to the fire road. It’s a nice little incline that has you wondering if you’re gonna have a “grabber” right there at the top of the mountain. Well big hill is more like it but they’re called the Santa Monica mountains I guess. The fire road is part of Topanga State Park and it’s just a nice little getaway. Some French mountain biker did make some smart ass remark about my camera bag and while he was turned around looking at me ran smack into his friend knocking them both down. Take that Frenchie! Anyway I’ll try and post some photos later.

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  1. The best way up there from the south side of the mountains is to take Mandeville Canyon off of Sunset and then left about 10 minutes up Westholme. The fire road at the top is about an 8 mile round trip with a 700-foot elevation gain. A beautiful round-trip walk.

  2. That dirt road if I remember right from my days of youth (now 41) is “dirt mulholland” and goes all the way from sepulveda to calabasses. I grew up in SFV, northrigde and chatsworth, my parents both grew up in Van Nuys/N. Hollywood area. Anyway… back to the comment… lol!!! Back in my high school days we used to hang out pretty much in the Santa Susana Mtns. from the top of DeSoto all the way around to Box Caynon. One night we went to Balboa Park to meet some people and they turned us on to the area you’re speaking of and it became a favorite place to hang out, explore, and of course, PARTY!!! I don’t know if they’re still there, but “back in the day” lol, the old Nike rocket tracking towers were still up, at least that’s what we were told they were. They must have been about 100 ft. tall, with a ladder that ran right up the center to a octagon shaped platform that was about 30′ across. We used to indulge in “mind altering chemicals”(HEY!!! it was the ’70s!!! LOL) and about 10-12 of or so would climb the ladder, take a boom box, and check out the city. Anyway… that is all. I stumbled across this site and was reading posts about So. Cal. and feeling a bit homesick, then when I saw your post about that area it really brought back some fond memories and just felt the need to expound on them. Y’all have a good day!!!

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