Last Days to see Bontecou


So do you really have an excuse for not seeing the Lee Bontecou exhibiton at the Hammer Museum? Didn’t think so. This amazing show has not only revived this artist’s career but has re-introduced her stunning body of work to the art world. Co-curated by Elizabeth AT Smith (whose office was right behind my desk at the MCA in Chicago), this retrospective features 70 sculptures and 80 drawings. The last day of the show is January 11th but the Hammer is opening late on Friday (that’s January 9th) from 6 until midnight for FREE to give folks added hours to view works. There will also be music, cash bar, and a raffle (parking below museum for $3) so it might not be the best viewing experience but should be fun none-the-less. Fortunately for me, this show is traveling to Chicago in May where I will be able to see it again!

One thought on “Last Days to see Bontecou”

  1. Saw this exhibit a few weeks ago and it’s pretty amazing. The canvas and metal sculptures are particularly interesting.

    Another exhibit running concurrently is the Davids’ Collection of works on paper and it’s really cool with drawings by Warhol, Delacroix, Picasso, Hockney and many other greats.

    Definitley worth the $5 admission, or if you’re like me, FREE Thursdays…

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