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Two posts in a row to the contrary I *really* am not a big radio guy. The only time I listen is in the car, and when I used to have an office job and my co-workers complained about my incessent Geto Boys mp3s a’blastin. However I do listen to talk radio frequently and LA Observed just listed some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

“KTLA’s Sam Rubin has given up his daily talk slot at KLXS 97. 1 (the Howard Stern station).”

Holy crap this is amazing. Anyone who listens to Howard Stern in the mornings (if you don’t, what the hell is your problem?) is painfully aware of the most annoying, self important, uber-PC, just plain retard that comes on for a few minutes between sometime after 11am when Howard ends, and noon when Frosty, Hidie, & Frank take over. That’s Sam Rubin, and anyone who’s heard the show once knows to change the channel right away so as not to have to listen to even a few seconds of his winny ass. Well, we all no longer have to worry about that. Almost makes me consider thinking about believing in god.

BTW, I’m throughly dissappointed no one picked up on the LL Cool J reference in the last radio post. tsk tsk.

6 thoughts on “Radio — live transmission”

  1. I looked and I still don’t get the Ice T reference. I get the LL Cool J reference but no Ice T. You got me. Give it up.

  2. God I hated Sam Rubin’s voice. I swear I injured myself a couple of times trying to change the station fast enough to escape the next horrific syllable that threatened to emerge from the gaping cavity in his face.

    Now they just need to get rid of that food critic dude on the weekends. He sounds like he’s got a kielbasa permanently lodged in his throat.

  3. Kat – you seriously did not just diss the one Meryl Shindler, food dude, did you? He brings such joy to my heart with his fat-sounding voice and makes my mouth water with his doctor hoggily woggily rants…aaahhh, the barbeque! Viva la Shindler!

  4. Some strange feeling seized me when I read your comment, Kat.
    Does Kat’s post look strange here?
    No. So Kat, what is the point in your comment?
    There always has to be some point.
    Nothing personal tho.

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