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This was sent to me by my buddy Liz McGrath, re: Clint Catalyst’s takeover of the Unhappy Hour at the Parlour Club, and his call for freaks.


WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR: the scary, the ridiculous, the sublime. folks who challenge the confines of gender, of skin, of sexuality, of life as we know it.

WHAT I’M NOT INTERESTED IN: waily acoustic “alternative”/college rock musicians, high-maintenance low-talent divas with ridiculous demands

HERE’S THE DEAL: I’m taking over the once-a-month spoken word series “THE UNHAPPY HOUR” (at the Parlour Club) started by Lydia Lunch and Andrew Gould a couple years back. After a year or so of wrangling artists in and generally busting a mighty fine ass, my dear chum Shawna Kenney has decided to pass the baton to me. I’m looking for dynamic, engaging performers of all levels of
experience and am currently booking for the first Sunday evening in the
months of March and April, 2004. “THE UNHAPPY HOUR” has featured
established authors ranging from Michelle Tea to Jerry Stahl to David Henry
Sterry, paired up with unpublished performers taking the stage for their
very first time.

MOREOVER, AS AN EXPERIMENT, I AM STARTING A CLUB NIGHT that will follow the spoken word (s)exavaganza of “THE UNHAPPY HOUR.” “The Unhappy Hour” will run from approximately the 8 till 9 p.m. slot (it is, after all, called “The Unhappy Hour”–not hours–and in my humble opinion, 60 minutes of listening to verseslingers is sufficient). Around 10, the doors will open for

“TOUCHE’,” which is all in the tricked-out tradition of performance art. There will be a rotating cast of d.j.s (once again, new names in the ‘opening’ slot,
followed by folks who have worn their fingertips over the years) spinning
the stuff you likely won’t hear anywhere else in L.A., and in the interim, I
envision the Leigh Bowerys, Ron Atheys, Kembra Pfahlers and Karen Finleys of
tomorrow doing their thang. I want to see madness and mayhem with a greater
meaning; I want to see life-changing manifestos scrawled on skin; I want to
see strap-on blow-torches and transgendered warriors juggling Oscar Meyer
weiners while yodeling the national anthem; I want to hear homo homies and
Diamanda Galas-inspired divettes and folks doing shit I didn’t know existed.
But, most importantly, I want to see people who love what they do and yearn
for a venue in which to do it. “Touche'” is where I want that venue to
exist, a place for fun people, newfangled images and sounds.

If you or someone you know would be interested in performing at one or both
of these events, please email Clint Catalyst at… (continued in Extended Entry)

[email protected]

with appropriate info in the subject box. Even better, I’d love to get a
package in my mailbox. Send me photos/proposals/videocassettes/demos or
whatever else you find appropriate to:

Clint Catalyst
1724 N. Edgemont #208
Los Angeles, CA 90027

To reiterate, your resume’ is not as important to me as your enthusiasm and
level of dedication to this project. I’d much rather have an “unknown” art
student who will be punctual and energetic than some tired-ass “established
name” who will burden with demands for his/her driver, limitless guest list,
or unreasonable guarantee.

Performers will be compensated depending on the amount of patrons they bring
in (divvied up after the cost of full-color flyers has been recovered).
However, please note that I am able to apply for grants for published
authors, but a minimum of two months’ lead time is required.

Press, exposure– that’s the sort of guarantee I *can* give at this point.
I also would like to add this detail: the proprietor and staff of The
Parlour are great peops. Before being offered the honor of curating “The
Unhappy Hour,” I advocated it as my favorite place to perform in L.A.

Its screen home is:

and mine:

Hope to hear from you!

OH, AND– I’M ALSO INTERESTED IN HEARING FROM PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN SETTING UP A PHOTO AREA IN THE BACK ROOM OF THE CLUB. I want shuterbugs to have a place/space to document the swirly mix of attendees.

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  1. I feel quite unhip just reading that. I can’t imagine how out of place I’d be actually at the event.

    I like Henry Rollins & Spaulding Gray, but I don’t think this would be similar.

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