Vroom vroom

So who doesn’t wanna be a import model. You stand around all day behind a booth or next to a fixed up japanese car in low rider jeans and skimpy tops while people buy your photos and get your autograph. I wanna be an import model. Lot of my friends have at least a 3.2 mega pixel digital camera so I’ll have them take some pictures and I’ll be on my way. I also notice that they have their own websites and have faq’s. Like I guess I should have one too so you know my favorite color and other important things like that. So here we go.

Where can I find nude pictures of you?
You can’t. I’m not ashamed of my body but my penis seems to look as if it always just came out of a cold pond in alaska. So I don’t think that makes a good pic. And I haven’t decided to appeal to that weird niche market who might get off on that.

Where can I find pictures of you in general?
You might try old issues of giant robot magazine or the tony hawk gigantic skateboard tour dvd.

Neither one of them have anything to do with the import car culture.
I know.

Do you know any other import models.
Not really. Sometimes I think they think they know me but they don’t. I have kaila yu’s home address though. She sent me her cd and put her home addess on the envelope by accident. Or was it?

What do you think of augmentations?
Breast implants are great, they make sweaters look great. But to be honest, I think if you buy the right pair of glasses, the enhancement is just as good. And you can put them away when you go to sleep.

Whats your favorite color?
This question is just plain weird. Like who the hell really needs to know that?

Where do you like to shop?
Again, weird, but I can understand where people see what I’m wearing and maybe they want to emulate my greatabulous style of clothes. N-factory for tees, abercrombie & fitch (fuck you google searchers) for sweaters and dickie capris for pants. But just so you know, I bought a pair of tight denim jeans from rampage. They were on sale so I was living the good life. I thought they were black but when I got them outside, they turned out to be this weird green color. Now I look like this antiquated new wave rocker who still worships the flock of seagulls. I can’t return them cuz “all sales are final”.

Sex on the first date?
Unless I met them online, it never happens.

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