Les Deux, Adieu

This, via uber-publicists/party girls Apple & Audrey: Les Deux Cafe has closed its doors. I liked Les Deux, it always felt like a party, moving from the oleander and cigarette smoke of the garden, through the dining room (there was Rod Stewart, alone in a booth looking plump, with a glossy, expectant gaze), to the piano bar, where years ago my friend Phillip Littell played; he had a libretto he was working out; owner Michele Lamy said, work it here. A petite, sloe-eyed Frenchwoman who favored Morticia Adams sheaths and Frankenstein boots, Lamy once walked me over the floor joists of the soon-to-open cafe and explained her vision: harem girls, horses running through flames, artists every night.
Now, Apple and Audrey are looking for a new location for Cachet, and are taking suggestions.

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