LA Auto Show

New Bentley Continental GT
Because I am masochistic and like to drool over amazing cars I will never be able to afford it is my pleasure to point out that the Los Angeles Auto Show begins today.

It’s been said — at least I’ve heard — that Angelenos live in their cars. It sure seems that way, however I still have this ridiculously large rent check to send every month.

The LA Auto Show is always fun and runs until January 11th.

Two dollar off discount coupons are available at participating Chevron stations (I grabbed one a few days ago). Though they are not valid on Saturdays & Sundays 12-4 PM the discount is valid all other hours and days.

If you see security carting off a blonde who insisted on petting and hugging the sports cars — that’s most likely me.

4 thoughts on “LA Auto Show”

  1. A few friends and I are going to the show today. I’m not a huge car nut, but it shoudl be interesting. As a bonus, I predict many booth babes. :)

  2. Not trying to thread jack this, but sixspace is blocks away, so while I’m going to try and make it over too, if anyone wants to swing by the gallery while you’re around please do!

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