Tuesdays in LA are plain evil

For as long as I can remember, Tuesdays are the down day in LA. There is never anything really interesting happening. I blame it on the stressful nature of LA Mondays. We’re all so burnt on Tuesday that we treat it like a Sunday. Well, except that Sunday is actually INTERESTING in LA. So from here on out the slogo shall read: “On the second day, he rested.”


Sometimes I wonder how I became the way I am…the way I don’t accept no for an answer, they way I question almost everything, and the way I don’t want to just accept how things are. Especially with the gallery, I’m constantly wondering if (and when) people will catch on to my ideal of how art should be presented, how artists are treated, and the art that is important. Frankly some days are better than others but I try to just keep going and hoping that more and more people will recognize the difference.
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Do you have to use so many derned swear words?

This came in from the Contact Us comment form around 6am this morning:

Subject: A fucking suggestion
Message: Looks like you have the beginnings of a great blog. Just have this comment: Is it a requirement in L.A. that in order to be considered cool, you must use some form of the word “fuck” in every other sentence? I mean isn’t this getting to be passÈ? I realize that in our society “fuck” is going to retain some shock value for a while yet but while raking ones fingers on a chalk board OR TYPING IN ALL CAPS are also ways to get attention, I wouldn’t recommend them every fucking time you want to say something. Maybe there’s some feeling that by using “fuck”, you’re somehow linking into the psyche of the “average Joe” but that often seems pretty weak and forced to me(sorta like George W. calling Jesse Jackson “bro”). Besides all that, you seem like creative guys who can express themselves in more interesting ways instead of taking the “fucking” easy way out. Just my fucking two cents. Good luck with the fucking blog.


Where do I start?
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Wil’s big announcement

Wil, BLA’s favorite groundskeeper, just posted this massive news on his own site:

“I have totally signed a three book deal with a major publisher. O’Reilly and Associates, to be precise.”

Let me be the first over here to say “Congratulations Man!” This is uber-huge. Actually, a few months back a friend of Wil’s got drunk at his birthday party (imagine that) and blurted out this news. Wil instantly freaked and pointed out that it was totally up in the air and way to early to start making announcements so if everyone in the room didn’t swear and sign an oath in their own blood to keep their mouths shut they could blow the whole thing. That’s been a nightmare of a secret to keep. OK, I didn’t really keep it, I told Caryn, because she too was drunk at the party (imagine that) and didn’t remember a word of it the next day.

Anyway, this totally rules in ways I can’t even explain, that and I’ll make sure to have my laywers get in touch re: the work I did on the cover, the loopholes in our agreement and what sort of fat checks I should be expecting. Ta Ta!

David Byrne Loves PowerPoint [and LA]

This Thursday in LA, Wired Magazine is teaming up with the LA County Museum of Art to produce a performance by David Byrne called “I [Heart] Powerpoint.” I’ll be there, and if there’s Wi-Fi, goshdarnit I’ll blog it.

[His] most recent project is Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information, a book of artwork [and DVD] done with the ubiquitous presentation software PowerPoint. “I have been working with PowerPoint as an art medium for a number of years. It started off as a joke (this software is a symbol of corporate salesmanship–or lack thereof), but then the work took on a life of its own as I realized I could create pieces that were moving, despite the limitations of the ‘medium’.”

See excerpted portions of E.E.E.I. in the September 2003 issue of WIRED.

Who’s holiday is it anyway?

I’m fairly certain that white people do not come into ghetto chinatown to buy their turkey for the thanksgiving holiday. In fact I dare say that 20% of them are spending five to six hours in the kitchen roasting their supermarket bought poultry so the other 60% are can enjoy their fine cranapple sauce as a condiment meal. The other 20%…eating out or are vegetarians I guess.

But apparently there must be enough chinese people wanting to celebrate the holiday because sam woo’s and other restaurants in the ethnic enclave are advertising and selling roast turkeys. For about $30.00. Thats pretty fucking cool. Some immigrant is saying to themselves, “hmm, shouldn’t we be eating turkey today. Its thanksgiving for goodness sake” But hell, they don’t wanna spend their day cooking some foul fowl. So they must be going down the block to buy their meal. And you know what, that turkey is pretty damn good. A little salty but still good. Even three days later, the meat was still moist. I guess thats adjusting to america.

How do I know this. I live in ghetto chinatown and yea, I had a roast turkey from sam woo’s. It was delicious.

digging in the dirt

My wife and I are having our house appraised on Thursday, so we’re doing the landscaping that we have been putting off for over a year. The smell of potting soil and compost, mixed with freshly cut grass hung around us in the chilly December air all day.

It’s tough to find plants that can survive here in Los Angeles because, well, it’s a fucking desert (that’s why we can plant in December, so I shouldn’t complain, right?) and it’s not the most friendly environment for plants that aren’t cacti.

Fortunately, our climate here in Pasadena is pretty Mediterranean, and that opens a lot of options to us for native plants that look cool and are easy to take care of.

A few months ago, we went over to the LA County Arboretum and had a look at some native plants in this really cool “demonstration garden” that Sunset magazine sponsors. I remembered this place called Native Sons that grows plants from Southern California, Arizona, Northern Mexico, and the Cote d’Azur. They look awesome, and they are designed (by nature) to survive our strange climate out here.

Today, we planted several varieties of lavender, some Santa Barbara Daisies, and some De la Minas. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll have a pretty impressive front planter in Spring, filled with purple, yellow, and red flowers.

Photographer Clayton Cubitt does LA

Brooklyn-based photographer Clayton Cubitt was in town a couple of weeks ago for the launch of Surface Magazine‘s “Avant Guardians” special issue — in which he was featured as one of America’s top rising photographic talents. While he was in LA, he shot a series of portraits of me at a super-cheesy Hollywood location. Here they are. I’m a huge fan of his work — I love, love, love what he accomplishes with simple, artful use of gels. Bow down. He’ll be participating in the SENT phonecam art exhibit I’m co-curating at sixspace with Blogging.LA contributors Sean Bonner and Caryn Coleman, btw. I can’t wait to see what he does with ultra-lo-res. Link

spotted! requisite celebrity gossip

The following takes place between 1 AM and 2 AM…

A certain very young male regular character on Fox’s hit show 24 was partying with friends and crew members at a La Cienega bar last Friday.

After streaking through the bar with his pants pulled down he found himself outside the bar and unable to speak coherently. As this star gestured wildly at his cell phone and mumbled mono-syllabic sounds a crew member assured he would not be driving.

Some art shows this weekend

Souther Salazar at GR2 opens on Saturday the 6th from 6:30 – 10 pm. This young artist is worth checking out. Plus Giant Robot openings are always a good time.

-Arts & Books Gallery (4166 Santa Monica Blvd) has an opening reception on Friday the 5th from 6-10 pm for Nelson M. Castillo & “His Artistic Vision” and his exhibition of **miniature** paintings. I haven’t been to this space yet and just heard about it but they are an “art gallery with a bookstore specializing in Modern First Editions, Signed Books and Art Books.” It sounds good and, in my opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with art books and small paintings in one room but you never know.

-The last week for Chad Robertson’sshow at sixspace. I know it’s a shameful plug but this show is REALLY amazing and you should absolutely see it. Trust me on this. The last day of the show is December 6th…then they go home and Chad goes off to Sweden for another art show.

Speaking of Punk

Since Jason opened up the “upcoming punk rock shows” door, I thought I’d go ahead and mention that Chuck Dukowski, who was in this little band you might have heard of called Black Flag, has a new group called the Chuck Dukowski Sextet and they are playing a show this Friday, December 5 at Mr T’s Bowl (5621 1/2 Figueroa – 323.256.7561). They are playing with Fatso Jetson, Non Credo, and Joe Baiza w/ Dennis Cruz and Paul Uriaz. As much as I’d love to say all these bands rule and this thing is going to rock, honestly I’ve never heard a single one of them. I do know that Chuck is a good guy, and I doubt he’d be wrapped up in something crappy, so if you are looking for some rock on Friday, this might be your plan.

A jug of punch & a punch in the gut

Found on Tribe.net’s REAL Punk Rock tribe. Spelling errors left intact.

if you are in Southern California, or will be on Dec. 10th, you need to come to the Key Club in Hollywood and chear on The Tossers. its a battle of the bands type thing and they need some support. i know you have heard them, but if you dont remember you will like them… so get off your asses and spend that drug/beer money on something usefull for once. December 10th. key club. be there, sucka

The Tossers are one of my favorite bands from Chicago blending traditional Irish and Punk. If you’re an old school Pogues fan you’ll love The Tossers so get off your ass and come knock back a pint or ten with us.

thankfully not THAT Hilton

Tyler Hilton will be playing at The Mint tonight. Not only does he have a beautiful voice but he’s an incredibly nice guy too.

Yesterday he introduced himself to a group of us who were moving a friend out of her apartment. Though they had never met before he rolled up his sleeves and helped carry boxes and furniture out to the truck.

You can check out his touring schedule here, he has several other appearances scheduled this month in Los Angeles.

This is My Home

Jason and Sean asked if they could use my home for their top graphic on the Blogging.la project. I agreed, but only if they’d give me my own subdomain. So, there it is – freshly painted blue last week (to match the drapes). You might think it’s a dump, but one man’s trash receptacle is another man’s apartment. And the best part is: I pay thousands of dollars every month for such a prime location. The curb appeal is amazing!