Fake Chicks

Our visiting friends from Chicago got on a plane this morning and headed back to the cold-ass weather. Better them than me. While they were here they drove around a lot and tried to see what LA was all about. For their last night we decided to hit the west side and took them to eat at The Newsroom (120 North Robertson Blvd). It’s a damn good place to go with a gang of friends because in addition to their many tasty vegan options, they also serve the real deal. I got the faux BBQ chicken drumsticks, and he got the real chicken sandwich. You get the idea. That was the third time I’d been there and it’s been amazing every time.

Speaking of Faux, what sucks donkey kong is that when I used to work at Playboy I spent hours having coffee every day at the Starbucks located about 3 stores away and never knew this place existed. I used to buy “lunch” at a grocery store around the corner or if I was really daring at a sandwich shop down the street, little did I know some of the best vegan dishes in LA were just a few feet from me. Other things I did while working at the Beverly Hills Playboy office included spending hours checking out the furniture in all the shops right there on Beverly & Robertson and watching a lot of movies at the Beverly Center which was just within walking distance to the office. That, and a lot of photoshopping.

Open wounds and punk rawk!

The Weirdos

I attended the Skulls/Weirdos show tonight at the El Rey and all I have to say is that it was by far the best show I’ve seen in YEARS! The crowd was not too abnoxious and the bands were INCREDIBLE. It started off with a bunch of peach be-fuzzied youth who did a mix of covers and original tunes. I’m not joking about the fuzz thing. These kids were just that. Kids. It gave off the feel of a high school battle of the bands but with a much better sound system. They weathered the hecklers with a pro flair. Not the best band but I can’t fault them for their age. So then the Skulls took the stage. WOW! They were flat out incredible. Solid set and a shitload of energy. I was very impressed and very entertained. They played a good hour set and then they broke for the headliner. After an intermission that seemed endless the Weirdos took the stage and I’m still feeling it. As far as old school punk bands that still play around go this was the best I’ve seen. I mean these guys are not young by any stretch and they were playing like they were in their 20’s. They opened up with “We got the neutron bomb” which is their biggest “hit” and they actually closed with it which was kinda weird but surprisingly satisfying. My friends and I were in the front row which is dangerous when toting a few grand in camera equipment but it all worked out. I shot about 800 pics tonight but rushed through the last gig so I could get out in the mix and fuck some shit up. These guys were so good they got me out from the sidelines and that’s saying something. Last time I hit a pit was back when Screeching Weasel was touring. Silly me forgot that I had a gaping open wound on my forearm but somehow after a few songs it just added to the punk vibe. I’ll be soaking it in disinfectant for the next few hours. Can you saw eeewy punk juice? So punk rock in LA on a Friday is still a damn good thing… Check the full entry for more photos. All photos copyright © Jason DeFillippo. All rights to kick your ass if you steal them are reserved.
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Achoo Detoo

Everybody in LA is sick right now. Please leave a message after the wheeze. That, and please wash your hands when you’re through playing with yourself in public areas. I’m about three minutes away from a full phlegmbotomy – which is where you cough yourself to death.

Jerry’s Infamous Deli

Needed to find a good Thai place that would deliver directly to the Gnomestead tonight… couldn’t find anything. We wound up calling on an old favorite (piss poor page design, kick-ass menu options). I ordered a chef salad, and they brought it to my doorstep thirty minutes later. Without looking, the whole products were sliced for easier mastication. Some jerk decided that it would be prudent to include a slice of American cheese in the mix. WARNING: the next person who serves me a piece of hydrogenated crap will wind up digesting it from the other end. I don’t take kindly to processed foods.

in dreams, i walk with . . . george w. bush?

I had a very funny dream about Bush last night: he lived across the street from me. No secret service, nothing special, he just lived in my neighbor’s house.

In my dream, he was watering his lawn with the hose, and I was mowing mine.

I turned off my mower, walked across the street, and said, “You know, I think you’re a pretty lousy president . . . but you have a *really* nice lawn.”

He said, “Well, thanks, Wil. Your lawn is pretty nice, too.”

That was it. I think it’s really funny. I was going to write about it in my own blog, but I didn’t, because all those fucking neo-con shitheads will flood me with hate mail about it.

Because, you know, I’m not all patriotic and stuff, and I should go live in France.

hot chick angst

Though the concept of listening to beautiful women bitch about how their “life is soooo hard” might be a bit revolting for some, “Pieces (of Ass)” has been receiving consistently great reviews.

Lucky for you the Los Angeles engagement at STUFF THEATRE in the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood has been extended through December 20th.

Slightly cheaper than plastic surgery, it might actually be interesting to see that owning double D’s or being more beautiful than god still leaves room for misery, heartbreak and disappointment.

Tickets can be purchased at the show’s web site or by calling (800)595-4849.
(plug in the code POA1111 for 2 dollars off from web site purchases)

Doors open at 7pm for Cocktails and music from DJ
Megalicious, the show begins at 8pm.

Tickets are $35 and include a first drink free and
admission to the post-show party.



As anyone interested in pop-culture knows, toys are the new artwork. Though it may get a little tiring seeing every tom, dick, and harry artist putting out a new toy most of the time it’s just pretty darn cool. That being said, I was super excited to see the brand new Todd Schorr duck-bunny toy is finally being released. Produced by Necessaries Toy Foundation (a collaboration between Meltdown Comics and Long Gone John of Sympathy for the Record Industry) and sculpted by one of my artists, Nathan Cabrera, I had seen this toy way back with it was a little more than a defined ball of clay. Now it’s a full-blown toy, painted and complete with a worn-look-on-purpose box. VERY cool. Just might have to add it to our ever-growing toy collection…maybe Santa will be good to us this year.

Look out for future releases by Nescessaries Toy Foundation such as an Dan Clowes Enid doll, a Camille Rose Garcia doll (sigh), and a Fafi doll currently being sculpted. After everyone sees these dolls, I don’t imagine this trend ending anytime soon.

Thai Time

Some friends of ours are planning on moving to LA (always a good idea) in the next few months so they decided to take a few days off and fly out from Chicago and get the lay of the land. After a long flight they wanted food, and after working all day, the last thing we wanted to do was drive all over town looking for something to eat. Luckily our salvation was right around the corner. Since Caryn and I are Thai food freaks, we decided to get our eat on at Leela Thai (1737 Silver Lake Blvd). This little cash only place is right around the corner from our house, serves great food, is fast, comfortable, and a great default for when you just want to eat something good right now. It’s pretty much smack dab in the middle of Silverlake so if you live anywhere near there, you need to check it out (I highly recommend the veggie pot-stickers (dumplings) as an appetizer).

If you don’t live in the greater Silverlake area it’s not really something you need to travel to, however if you do want Thai food worth a drive from anywhere, you need to check out Tuk Tuk Thai (8875 West Pico blvd) which is a little more on the west side. When I lived in West Hollywood this was only a few minutes away, now I’m on the east side and it’s more of a trek but so incredibly worth it. I have dreams about this place. Yes, *those* kind of dreams, it’s that good. They might just have the best Tom Kah Gai (coconut soup) on the planet. If I was on death row that would be on my last meal request for sure. And their spring rolls… holy crap. Anytime, and I mean ANYTIME I’m on that side of town I swing by there and either pick something up or stop in, and it’s on my top 5 list of best places to eat in all of LA. If you haven’t been there already, trust me, go there now, you won’t be sorry. I need to stop thinking about this or I’m going to have to change my Indian food plans for tonight – I’ll report on back on that tomorrow.

UPDATE: I caved and went to Tuk Tuk last night, couldn’t help myself. Sorry, no Indian report today.

Battlestar Erotica: Alien Sex! Bombs! Robots! Pathos!

I filed this story for Wired News about the new Battlestar Galactica miniseries:

“We realized the only way we could improve on the original is if the Cylons could have sex,” quipped co-executive producer David Eick at Tuesday night’s Los Angeles premiere. The chrome-domed “walking toasters” from the original TV series are succeeded by — well, really hot blond chicks, who infiltrate human society to engineer its doom.

One of the newly humanized enemy androids, Number Six, is played by former Victoria’s Secret model Tricia Helfer (so that’s Victoria’s big secret! — we always knew there was a sinister purpose behind those ubiquitous catalogs). While in the throes of sex, her spine glows a luminescent, otherworldly, X-ray crimson.

Episode No. 1 of the two-part miniseries, which debuts Dec. 8, explodes with a jaw dropper of a scene that blends Cylon eroticism with equal parts pants-wetting apocalyptic terror and blast-tacular deep-space warfare. None of this should work, but under the nuanced direction of Michael Rymer, it does, spectacularly, and the rest of the episode never disappoints.


Los Feliz Navidad

As Michael Wolff points out, there are few soirees these days without a vodka sponsor. This has less to do with largesse than press: I recently covered an event, and when the sponsoring vodka’s PR person realized the brand name had not made the copy, she offered to send my editor booze (!) in exchange for a mention. This Thursday night is no different, but I’ll throw the brand a bone: Vox vodka is supplying the cheer for Los Feliz Navidad, which combines the launch of the the “urban guide” Unscene with a chance to shop Vermont Ave. stores between Kingswell and Prospect, places like Una Mae’s (current and retro fashions) and Show (mid-century furniture). From 7 to 10 p.m., there are complimentary cocktails at vermont bar (1714 N. Vermont). Not part of this bash but close by are holiday cocktails and discounts at the “let’s reinvent the wheel and look pretty doing it” clothier Matrushka Construction (3528 Sunset Blvd.).

City Envy

OK, not really, but LA’s red-headed stepchild, Cerritos, has got it going on! OK, not really, but sort of. This might be old news to anyone on the SoCalWUG list or unwired.cc since it was talked about there yesterday, and I was going to post it here then but felt like an asshat making three posts in a row so I decided.. nevermind. Basically, according to the second news item in this report Cerritos is going to be getting city-wide wireless internet access as early as next month. According to the report, the city is stepping up to the plate because Verizon has been unable to provide DSL to much of the city and people need to get their high speed download on… for um.. you know… stuff. So they teamed up with a company called Aiirnet Wireless to put about 60 access points around the city. This is a greatr idea and other parts of LA should jump on that one quick. I know a ton of people who live in Silverlake who time and time again get offers for DSL only to be told at the last second that it’s not yet available up in their hills. Wifi over silverlake would make a lot of people smile.

Goth and Industrial Club Scene in LA

I don’t fancy myself a goth but I do dig the goth club scene because the people are a lot nicer than the general in-crowd/hipster scene. What I’m looking for are testimonials on current cool clubs that cater to the Goth/Industrial crowd. I’ve been going to these clubs for years so I’m looking for sheer quality. I was going to Perversion back when they had the whipping show in ’95 (a true reason to move to LA), The Fang Club when it was around (I even designed their logo. Do I get goth props? I won’t even mention I was dating the PR chick. Oh shit. Too late.) and I recently returned to Bar Sinister until they kicked me out for good. So now I’m on the prowl for a good haunt to just relax with the very personable freaks like myself. Someplace I can bust out the rubber pants (not sheets or underwear) and have a drink or two in peace. I don’t want to see khaki. That’s a serious prerequisite. What say ye?

Battlestar Galactica premiere in Hollywood

At the DGA in Hollywood tonight, SciFi Channel premiered the forthcoming “reimagined” miniseries Battlestar Galactica, which debuts Monday night, next week.

Cast and crew were present, along with SciFi Network brass. The event included a screening of episode one in entirety. Forget what you’ve heard about complaints from fans of the original series — the new version is nothing short of breathtaking, and lives up to its producers’ promise to turn the science fiction TV genre on its head. The two-part miniseries was co-produced by David Eick and Ron Moore (Moore also co-wrote the screenplay), and masterfully, sensitively directed by Michael Rymer — who is destined to become “untouchable in five minutes,” according to a pre-screening quip from Eick. He’s right. This stuff is the real thing.

More in Wired News shortly… but for now, here are a few snapshots I took of the cast members who were present this evening. From left to right: Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama), Tricia Helfer (Cylon Number 6), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), and Grace Park (Boomer).