I suck

Last night I was temped by a Linda’s Lollies display at Gelsons and decided with flavors like peppermint, key lime pie, and chocolate marshmellow sundae I had to grab a few. Sure a buck is a lot for a lollipop but holy crap! These things are amazing. Both flavor wise and lifespan, I’ve been sucking on one for almost an hour now and the size has barely changed at all. (I can’t wait to see that line taken out of context.) I pretty sure I’ll be adding these to my usual shopping list.

four x four

I thought all the art happenings in Los Angeles were over for 2003 but nope! four x four opens a solo show by Chris Yormick called “Holding Weight” this Friday from 5-8 pm. Yormick work is the increasingly popular mix of cartoony characters, roughly painted (complete with drip-marks) on canvas, board, and other materials.

four x four gallery (located at 6316 Yucca Street) is a part of the urban store four x four that is owned by the modern architectural and design firm Otto Design Group. So go, see the show, buy some presents for the kiddies, and all that jazz. In case you miss the opening, the show continues through January 24th.

Ho Ho Ho…

What the hell, the holidays are around and its just a buzzkill around. Lets put things in proper perspective shall we.

Too bad, so sad. So there’s been a rumor that a friend of mine is taking anti-depressants. And I’m going “What?!”. What does he have to be depressed about, he’s got a home, he’s got freedom of food and he’s getting sex too. So why so glum chum. If anyone has to be depressed, its my kitty. She gets fed the same canned friskies food every day for 3 meals in a row and isn’t allowed to leave the house. The kitty’s name is sandwich but hell, that might not even be her name, maybe she has her own name, which explains why she never listens. My cat, stuck all day in this house with no toys (she seems to be fine playing with pens, scraps of paper and hand me down toysthankstypefiend) probably has all her friends on the outside, living a life of leisure and next thing you know, held prisoner in a yellow apt. building. They say that kittens aren’t likely to survive on the outside. Its probably some purina propaganda. Give me those pills. Someone here needs them more than you do.

BloggerLA. So people aren’t happy with the double posting. Well start paying us and we’ll start writing extra shit. I ain’t like the purple one who’s so prolific in his writing that he can pass over manic monday to the bangles – and where are they now? Playing at hollywood park maybe? And too many self-promo going on? Geeze, read like you’re driving a car. Once you realize, this ain’t the right way, make a u turn. Or are your reading skills like a big catapillar bulldozer. Once it goes one way, can’t stop til you get to the end. Oh wait, I’ve hardly been posting, that email must have directed to someone else.

Bush and sadam. Hooray for you. But don’t tell us its for human right issues or weapons of mass destruction. Thanks to the “information highway”, don’t try spinning that shit on us. Where are these wmd’s and if you wanted someone for crimes against humanity, why not kim jong-il of north korea. Or at least his hair cutter. Its nasty over there. Oh yea, kim chee doesn’t sell as well as oil.

And my favorite prostitute disconnect her cel phone. Now thats a bitch.


A westside hole in the wall that could easily be overlooked on the busy Santa Monica Blvd, Terried Sake House is one of the more authentic japanese restaurants you’ll find in greater Los Angeles. We decided we’d meet there for supper this evening before catching The Triplets of Belleville at the Laemmle Royale, since the two are in walking distance from one another. This is the sort of restaurant where the diners are split between japanese born kids with the fashion sense that’s halfway “runway” and halfway “runaway”, and the sorta Americans who know that mixing your wasabi into your soy sauce is akin to covering a Peter Luger’s prime porterhouse in A1. Not fanciful cooking at all, but not typical fare when most Americans think of japanese food. Rather than the run-of-the-mill menu of california rolls and teriyaki, you order an assortment of small portion dishes that are meant to be shared while also sharing sake. Seasonal japanese vegetables and roots making for tasty pickings for all to share (and the best thing to do here is order an assortment of items so everyone can possibly try something new/different). Karage, japanese fried chicken, is one of my favourites on the menu and a pretty good choice to ease the unitiated into japanese bar foods with. Lotus roots, though exotic sounding, are crunchy and extremely addictive. An assortment of skewered meats (yakitori) are a favourite here, with my personal favourites being eel liver (yes, they have livers, and they’re surprisingly delicious), chicken with green onions, and chicken breast, presented with a smudge of mild wasabe and on wooden skewers for easy handling. Broiled fishes, such as smelt, japanese mackerel (saba), and anchoives all make for good eats with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and you wouldn’t be mistaken if you ordered some of the broiled tofu dishes here either (just be sure you vegetarians ask for the bonito flakes to be withheld). Don’t let the humble exterior fool you. By 7:30pm every night, the place is filled with foodies and you’re guaranteed a 20 minute wait. Worth every damn minute.

11617 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

Nice Shoes

Just when you thought it was safe to get shoes near art again, another show pops up that puts them back together. It’s the equivalent to chocolate and peanut butter to some in the art world, but the combination of art and shoes has always never quite made sense to me. Don’t get me wrong I love me some shoes and I love me some art but together? painted? I just don’t know.

Footprints at Star Shoes is a little different than your street-angle with graffiti-style artists doing up some kicks. Presented by Oshkin Productions it includes one-of-a-kind shoes by David Choe, Liz McGrath, Paul Frank Industries, Justin Wood, Rachell Sumpter and a slew of other artists (yes, it’s one of the huge group shows). The show opens tomorrow the 17th with a reception from 8-11 pm where apparently you can bring your own shoes to get a custom job…sweet! Star Shoes is located at 6364 Hollywood Boulevard. I believe you need to RSVP so check out Oskin Production’s website for all the details!

chat it up

We went to that kick ass Thai place the other night because, well, it rocks, and this dude is sitting at this table all by himself. The guy has like, three appitizers, some soup and an entree. That’s why I noticed him anyway, that’s a hell of a lot of food for one dude, and he wasn’t fat or anything. Caryn noticed him because of the wack mock turtleneck he was wearning, what the 1988 was that? Anyway he’s by himself rocking this whole table of food and I notice the girls sitting next to him are checking him out. This guy looked like Jan-Michael Vincent circa Airwolf so I know it wasn’t his looks that got their attention. He starts chatting it up with them, all the while packing it away. “Oh you live in this neighbor hood too?” “hahahaha” “That’s what I always tell myself, it’s the bagles!” They are laughing, he’s chowing down, next thing I know they are exchanging phone numbers. But it doesn’t end there, they keep up the small talk and when they get their checks at the same time he offers to walk them home and takes off with them. What the shit is that?? Am I the only one who thinks this is highly unusual?

Silverlake’s Most Wanted

Phonecam snapshot of freshly plastered flyers along Vermont street in Silverlake, outside the House of Pies where I just ate breakfast. Click thumbnail for larger pic. Who’s behind these? I bet it’s the Y-Que posse, whose store is like a block away. Everything’s always “WANTED” or “FREE SOMEONE” with those people. UPDATE: “Crimefighter” says, “Actually the ‘Wanted: Santa’ poster was related to the Santanarchy/SantaCon in LA. It’s a Cacophony Society related event. See this site for more info.

Cell hell

I need to get a new cell phone since my sidekick is D.O.A. Everyone has a different story of cell hell in L.A. and I am looking to find out what the best service is around here. So chime in and lemme know what you think as far as the best coverage goes and what area you’re mainly in. I’m currently leaning towards Cingular so I can get a Treo 600 but am open to ideas. Thanks!

The ponies

I went to Hollywood Park for the first time yesterday for a friends birthday party and I gotta admit it was pretty damn fun. I don’t really gamble. Mainly because I suck at it but I still somehow ended up spending $200 and destroyed my cell phone. I think I got gamblers rage by proxy. But for a pretty cheap & fun time you might want to check it out. Only downside is that it’s in the middle of the hood and if it’s raining you can expect to spend at least an hour (I spent 2 since I’m in the valley. Shaddup.) on the evil 405.

Dipping my meat and biting into hot buns!

Of course, my first post for Blogging.la would be about local eats.

The memory of Saturday’s beautiful sunny and warm afternoon was washed away by the downward deluge of cloud piss known as LA rain today. Yeah, yeah…this H20 stuff is good and all, but not when I’m lifting heavy furniture and climbing up stairs, veins bulging in the same way my Levis look when I watch that lesbian scene in Mulholland Drive. Considering the great possibility one of us would slip and fall, injure our gonads or other precious body parts, we decided to postpone my friend’s moving plans for a less aquatic condition. Instead we headed over to Little Tokyo to dry off and warm our dampened spirits and Hanes His/Her Way at the shabu-shabu house, Zakuro. For those who haven’t had this japanese culinary experience, shabu-shabu (which is a Japanese onomotopoeia for “swish-swish”) is basically a hotpot where vegetables, noodle, tofu and thinly sliced meats are quickly cooked in boiling kombu (seaweed) infused broth, then dipped into a citrus-infused ponzu sauce or a sesame-peanut sauce. Its like a fondue party of sorts…but there’s no cheese or funny dressed swiss folk. We ordered five plates of thinly sliced beef that probably could be run thru and printed upon with my HP printer, alongside a small plate of udon (thick) noodles, rice noodles, cabbage, carrots, and tofu. A central hotpot bubbles and boils for all to dunk in a communal free for all. Fortunately everything cooks in increments of tens of seconds, so gratification comes quicker than in a Hollywood backalley. Overall the meal was quite delicious and satisfying, but I did note that there was not a piece of kombu in the broth, nor yuzu to squeeze (a japanese citrus that makes all the difference between good and sublime). Considering the meal was free, as a token of my friend’s gratitude for lifting more wood than John Holmes that afternoon, I wasn’t in the mood to complain at all. And of course, the rain had stopped when we finished our meal.

You would think after stuffing yourself silly with plates of beef one would be too full to consider dessert. But being in Little Tokyo means making room at all costs, because there’s just too damn much in terms of foods that make you go yummmmm. Since I was the most seasoned of Little Tokyo diners, I decided to forgo the more typical mochi ice cream route and take my friends to get some imagawa-yaki, japanese pancakes with sweet red beans inside, at Mitsuru Cafe in the Japanese Village Plaza. I was raised as a wee lad staring thru the front window while these japanese old world treats were poured, flipped, and sandwiched right before my enamored eyes. They’re thrown into a foil lined bag which is meant to keep them hot and toasty, but usually the pastries don’t last long enough to be stored away. For $1 these are an amazing treat to finish your meal with, and I haven’t met one person whose eyes haven’t grown rounder and in approving fashion when they take that first virgin bite into those buns (oops, this is sounding like a post for another sorta blogging community). We left Little Tokyo this afternoon happier and more round in the belly, and that’s always a good conclusion to a rainy afternoon.

begin radio silence

As you might have guessed from Jason’s amazing pictures below the opening was a huge success. You’d think this means I get to take the day off and finally get some sleep, but you’d be wrong. Since one of the artist in the show just happens to be Tim Biedron who in addition to being an amazing artist is also a tattooing god, I have to take advantage of the 20 hours or so he has left in LA before heading back to the sub-artic temps of Chicago and get some work done. I’m expecting about 6-7 hours of drilling on my arm today which will result in swelling and non-moveability for a few days which means posting will be cut to a minimum. But don’t worry, we’ve got a new guy on board, Gregory, who should be keeping you entertained while I’m out.