More Earthquake

That earthquake freaked me out. I was on the 29th floor of a downtown building and the thing was totally swaying for over five minutes. It was totally creaking too which is what actually freaked me out, so I ran to the elevator to escape, but the cables were all banging together which did not sound very safe, but then I heard this louder creaking like in Titanic when the ship is going down to a watery hell, so I took the elevator down with this other dude. The elevator stopped on floor 2 and a half, which it turns out is a concrete wall, then went back up to 29. Awesome. I risk the unsafe elevator just to avoid the stairs, and I end up hanging out in there during the earthquake. I waited it out near the elevator, then tried again with success…the lobby. There were a TON of people hanging around outside. I heard someone say they were outside the whole time and didn’t feel a thing. That building was totally swaying because of an earthquake that was 150 miles away that you couldn’t feel on the ground.

4 thoughts on “More Earthquake”

  1. Um, you realize that you aren’t supposed to take the elevator during an earthquake? Just in case the shaking affected the elevator somehow? ^_^

    Did the fire alarm and sprinkles go off? I read somewhere that they are supposed to in high-rise buildings, but they didn’t in ours (6 stories).

    And some people here wanted to go outside (for safety) during the earthquake. You’re not supposed to do that either. They said that the 2 women who died in Paso Robles probably wouldn’t have died if they had just stayed inside the building (the dress shop, I think). How sad is that?

  2. yeah, i live 30 miles from teh epicenter in san luis obispo, and my boyfriend lives in cambria which i’m sure you heard about ont he news (10 mi from epicenter) and itw as pretty insane. actually, there are three people dead in paso now. i used to work in paso. heh.

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