Who names their restaurant KANG KANG?? What does that even mean? It doesn’t matter though, because this late night Chinese food-obtaining place has the best deal EVER. EVER! $4 gets you rice, soup, and three entree-sized sides of your choice. They also have excellent shaved ice (3 toppings for just over $2) and serve great peanut milk. (“What the shit is peanut milk?!?”) Well, Mr. Filthy Mouth, it’s like if someone took peanuts and milk and made that into a smoothie. It’s good. Really.

Kang Kang has two locations that I know of, both in the Monterey Park area and off the Garfield Blvd exit of the 10 freeway. Head south for the one in a shopping square on Garfield and Garvey. Head north for the other in the shopping square on Garfield and Valley. Do not fear the clumsily translated English menu, just bring your ability to point.

5 thoughts on “AS CHEAP AS YOU ARE”

  1. Chitty-chitty-Kang-Kang sounds like quite the deal! But give me some details of the menu items. I imagine if you and Bill are dining there, its gonna be greasy!

  2. You have found my favorite “fast food” place (more commonly known as “Shiau Mei”)!

    I don’t care for the shaved ice or boba drinks there… if you go down Valley Blvd a bit, there are at least 5 other boba shops in the next block with better drink menus and/or prices… but you really can’t beat the variety of food or the amount of food you get for the price… yum!

    If you stay, you should try their “baos” (dumplings) of different kinds/sizes… it’s what they’re famous for!

    And they’re open late (great for “shiau-yeh”)!

  3. Mr. Ahjima: Grease = flavor.

    Jozjozjoz: I’m not that big a fan of the boba balls or the 2 Fast 2 Furious crowd that usually hangs around boba places, so I try to avoid it altogether. But I love the baos they have too! Pan fried small bao! YUM!! And the beef noodle soup is another fav.

    Kat: called you back and professed that I am holy.

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