Here’s an interesting, if not totally confusing/pointless, article in the LA Weekly on the art galleries in Chinatown. It kind of hints that Chinatown may be haunted and that’s why one of the gallery owners overdosed on heroin and another went temporarily insane but my theory is that’s just what happens when you run a gallery. Enjoy kiddies.

3 thoughts on “Chinatown”

  1. Fuck the art galleries in chinatown. Its just full of bad art and a bunch of posers checking it out. Oops..did I say that out loud?

  2. When is art considered bad, and an admirer a poser? I usually agree with Coagula’s motto that “most art sucks,” but just who is the ultimate authority on the matter…? Personally, if I like something I like matter what anyone says.

  3. I linked to that one too. It is the kind of story that is more fun to read than to live through. But boy is it fun to read!

    And while I don’t live in LA, I visit often and I find that the quality of work in galleries in Chinatown is pretty high. Better than it’s NYC semi/near-equivalent, Brooklyn. (Yeah, I know, it’s an imperfect comparison.)

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