Nice Shoes

Just when you thought it was safe to get shoes near art again, another show pops up that puts them back together. It’s the equivalent to chocolate and peanut butter to some in the art world, but the combination of art and shoes has always never quite made sense to me. Don’t get me wrong I love me some shoes and I love me some art but together? painted? I just don’t know.

Footprints at Star Shoes is a little different than your street-angle with graffiti-style artists doing up some kicks. Presented by Oshkin Productions it includes one-of-a-kind shoes by David Choe, Liz McGrath, Paul Frank Industries, Justin Wood, Rachell Sumpter and a slew of other artists (yes, it’s one of the huge group shows). The show opens tomorrow the 17th with a reception from 8-11 pm where apparently you can bring your own shoes to get a custom job…sweet! Star Shoes is located at 6364 Hollywood Boulevard. I believe you need to RSVP so check out Oskin Production’s website for all the details!

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