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We went to that kick ass Thai place the other night because, well, it rocks, and this dude is sitting at this table all by himself. The guy has like, three appitizers, some soup and an entree. That’s why I noticed him anyway, that’s a hell of a lot of food for one dude, and he wasn’t fat or anything. Caryn noticed him because of the wack mock turtleneck he was wearning, what the 1988 was that? Anyway he’s by himself rocking this whole table of food and I notice the girls sitting next to him are checking him out. This guy looked like Jan-Michael Vincent circa Airwolf so I know it wasn’t his looks that got their attention. He starts chatting it up with them, all the while packing it away. “Oh you live in this neighbor hood too?” “hahahaha” “That’s what I always tell myself, it’s the bagles!” They are laughing, he’s chowing down, next thing I know they are exchanging phone numbers. But it doesn’t end there, they keep up the small talk and when they get their checks at the same time he offers to walk them home and takes off with them. What the shit is that?? Am I the only one who thinks this is highly unusual?

6 thoughts on “chat it up”

  1. Sounds like that dude had game.

    Experience is telling me more and more that it’s not the hot styling guy but the interesting confident guy that gets the chicks.

    How many times have you seen the seemingly average guy with the hottie? Tons of times!

    Confidence always wins. Any deficiencies one may have will simply be taken on as a personal project – a challenge. Girls love to fix guys.

  2. Absolutely, confidence is the biggest attraction factor. Lack thereof turns the hottest player into a big goofball. And also, if a guy’s too into his own looks, please – means he’s totally narcissistic and therefore a big loser. Pass on those metrosexuals.

  3. It must’ve been the wad of Benjamin Franklins in his shirt pocket that got their attention.

    Seriously, I’m with Trevor and Amy… it sounds like confidence mixed with some bravado. He wasn’t afraid to offer to walk home with them & most of the time, I think guys “miss out” on opportunities because they simply don’t go for it.

  4. Dang, I kinda thought Jan-Michael Vincent would have been considered good looking in a rugged sort of way. But I’m a guy so what do I know? Whenever we’re watching TV I’m always asking my girl if the guy the chicks are all ga-ga over is actually that good looking. Ya know, it helps me develop some sort of standard for what’s good lookin in a guy so I know where I stand…

  5. I’m pretty well versed in the confidance/noconfidance thing as I pretty much had no confidance at all through high school and when I finally decided that no girls would ever give a rats ass about me so fuck them is when they all came running. =) Anyway, that was not the deal here. I forgot to mention this guy had a pretty obvious accent so I think that did it more than anything,

  6. Jan Michael Vincent used to have it going on, before he became a drinking-hairspray type of Kitty Dukakisalcoholic. Now he looks way homeless, like he should be spitting on windshields.

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