2 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars at Work”

  1. Wow, it’s amazing we that we didn’t have birth defects before depleted uranium.

    Also, it’s amazing that we can subject our selves to regular blasts of x-ray radiation at the Doctor’s office without suffering such terrible things. Radiation is ALWAYS the cause of birth defects, right?

    If only we had someway to understand what is happening here. If only there was something called the Scientific Method… Too bad all we have here is fear, marketing, and ignorance.

  2. Where did the site get their statistics and facts…if they have any? Why haven’t any of the American soldiers and press who have been and are in Iraq have radiation sickness?

    I’m sorry, but if this were a reality we would have heard about it on CNN or MSNBC by now. Not me personally, of course, I watch FoxNews.

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