11 thoughts on “stormwatch!”

  1. What’s the deal with “AccuWeather” anyway?

    All the stations get their info from the same place… what do the AccuWeather people have a special pact with god or something?

  2. I just drove down the 110 from Pasadena to down town and got about 6 drops of rain on my windshield, people were freaking out, running off the road, flipping their cars, just general chaos everwhere I looked. Good thing we’re not open at the gallery today or we’d have to close up shop. I’m going home to watch STORMWATCH!!!

  3. It can change at any given moment. Don’t trust your senses. Tune to Fox! I got a few drops out here in Encino this morning while I was walking and figured I’d better get home before the school closing and the rushes on the bottled water.

  4. The Dopler 7000 was in full effect at the top of the 11pm news. It was AWESOME, not a blip on the screen, but we were on STORM WATCH nonetheless. Poor Dallas Raines.

    We did just get a bit of rain here in Westlake (that’s Westlake as in MacArthur Park, not suburban Westlake).

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