No Access

I just picked up a domain for one of my little pet projects called the “No Access Project” for total lack of a better or even the slightest bit creative name. Basically It’s a photo essay of places in L.A. that I see that are specifically designed to keep people out or just pretty photo’s of devices to aid in the pursuit. I’m going to be adding to this in the future and will open up a public section of the site for user submitted photos if I get enough interest. If you’re really really bored check it out.

9 thoughts on “No Access”

  1. Kickass. I love it. Seriously though, you and Sean have to stop coming up with so many good ideas, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

  2. So this is the famous Jason Defaggetti’s site….who designed it? A 3 year old retarded amputee? Nice snow background over at Pirillo’s shit hole site by the way. You have mad skillz! Maybe when you grow up you can paint garbage cans for the city harnessing all your creative juices. What a dumbass…

  3. Here come the children. Tip to the uninitiated. If you hide behind anonymous email addresses and child like insults no one is gonna give a shit. Now get off your mom’s computer and get to school and learn some manners you little punk.

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