Getting off the freeway in hacienda heights, you can make a right hand turn and head off to one of the larger buddhist temples in southern california. Its pretty majestic and rad. Super clean too and why not, what else do all the monks have to do all day besides learn martial arts and find new vegetarian dishes to cook.

But if you make a left off the exit, there’s a donut shop…and an unusual amount of accupressure offices (are they really called offices?) around. But what is accupressure, it sure sounds less painful than accupuncture. The latter sticks needles in your skin and the former, I guess, their big thumb. But what. All the monks down the street can’t take the pain? Don’t they have like tattoo’s of dragons and tigers on their wrist (I use to watch david carradine in kung fu, thats the real deal!). So what gives.

Well, I wanna do what the monks do. I know some martial arts. I like vegetables. I can’t wear orange but I’m willing to do other things too…like check out an accupressure place. Not being able to find these “accupressure” places on the internet, I decided to pick a place a random. Wow, they must have a nice clientelle cuz there’s some really nice cars parked outside. Walking into the lobby, the lady behind the counter shows me into a small room with a bed and small table with a lamp. A few minutes later, this woman with nice make up and a ross dress for less dress comes in and asks if this is my first time. Yea I replied. So she tells me to take off my clothes and lay on the bed. And than she starts walking on me. Wow. This is so cool…just like in enter the dragon when kelly and roper get accompanied by the girls on the island of han. And than 20 minutes later, the lights get dimmed and oh man! this really is like enter the dragon when kelly and roper get accompanied by the girls on the island of han. I’m feeling pretty good…all i know is some angry guy with a metal hand better not bust in through that door – cuz my kung fu is really just from taking classes at the park across the street from my house and watching a lot of bruce lee movies. But fortunately that wasn’t the case. It was very relaxing.

The last few times I’ve taken that freeway, I didn’t make the right to the monestary. Instead, I make that left. Into the donut shop. Who wants to be a monk anyway? I really can’t wear orange.

2 thoughts on “Priorities”

  1. The Hsi Lai Temple is a real Southland treasure.

    If you are vegetarian and want to try some interesting and tasty dishes, lunch is served at 11:30-1:30 (Mon-Fri) and 11:30-2:30 (Sat/Sun/Holidays).

    More info at

    They also have dharma classes in English & you can learn what monks do.

    But I don’t know anything about the donut shop.

  2. The donut shop is my crossroads. Do I go to the temple or do I go to the accupressure place. The donuts aren’t that great but thats really not on my mind at the time.

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