Jerry’s Infamous Deli

Needed to find a good Thai place that would deliver directly to the Gnomestead tonight… couldn’t find anything. We wound up calling on an old favorite (piss poor page design, kick-ass menu options). I ordered a chef salad, and they brought it to my doorstep thirty minutes later. Without looking, the whole products were sliced for easier mastication. Some jerk decided that it would be prudent to include a slice of American cheese in the mix. WARNING: the next person who serves me a piece of hydrogenated crap will wind up digesting it from the other end. I don’t take kindly to processed foods.

3 thoughts on “Jerry’s Infamous Deli”

  1. As I once wrote, Jerry’s has 2000 choices on the menu in a bid to confuse you into just ordering, so that when something crappy arrives (which it inevitably does), you blame yourself.

  2. I ordered a #8, I think, with pastrami. For some reason they put it in the “steam table” so the swiss was melted…not what I wanted, but I took it. While eating, I thought the pastrami was quite fatty, but I kept eating. I took one bite of the second half, and finally took a close look at what they’d given me. Hiding beneath a thin layer of nice pastrami was the fattiest pile of corned beef I’d ever seen. This is dishonest and disrespectful. Management was oblivious.

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