in dreams, i walk with . . . george w. bush?

I had a very funny dream about Bush last night: he lived across the street from me. No secret service, nothing special, he just lived in my neighbor’s house.

In my dream, he was watering his lawn with the hose, and I was mowing mine.

I turned off my mower, walked across the street, and said, “You know, I think you’re a pretty lousy president . . . but you have a *really* nice lawn.”

He said, “Well, thanks, Wil. Your lawn is pretty nice, too.”

That was it. I think it’s really funny. I was going to write about it in my own blog, but I didn’t, because all those fucking neo-con shitheads will flood me with hate mail about it.

Because, you know, I’m not all patriotic and stuff, and I should go live in France.

12 thoughts on “in dreams, i walk with . . . george w. bush?”

  1. Dubya may be a lousy president, but he sure can water his lawn!

    And Wil, for all the work you put into your lawn, isn’t it nice to get some “presidential” recognition for it?

  2. Maybe Dubyah was just peeing on his lawn? heh, aren’t dreams weird? The other day I dreamed about sharks swimming around my condo (in the air)

  3. …he was watering his lawn with the hose

    …was it snowing in your dream and was he writing his name in yellow with that hose?

  4. I don’t know about the living in France thing. As far as I can tell, no one has lawn obsession like ‘Merikans.

  5. Y’know what? He is a pretty lousy president, i guess when Clinton was president you weren’t patriotic if you didn’t think he should be impeached for getting a little on the job stress release.

    Fucking wankers.

  6. I wouldn’t say you aren’t patriotic or that you should go live in France. Just try not to be so naive in the future. If you want to study a lousy president, dig in to the Clinton archives. With every day that passes with Bush in office, Clinton’s legacy of polictical fuckups becomes more clear to everyone in this country. That’s why the liberals are so desperate right now. It’s all very clear Wil….you’re just not paying attention.

  7. I talked to a dream analyst about your blog entry and they told me your dream makes perfect sense. You simply have a deep seeded desire to have George W. Bush hump you in the ass.

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