Thai Time

Some friends of ours are planning on moving to LA (always a good idea) in the next few months so they decided to take a few days off and fly out from Chicago and get the lay of the land. After a long flight they wanted food, and after working all day, the last thing we wanted to do was drive all over town looking for something to eat. Luckily our salvation was right around the corner. Since Caryn and I are Thai food freaks, we decided to get our eat on at Leela Thai (1737 Silver Lake Blvd). This little cash only place is right around the corner from our house, serves great food, is fast, comfortable, and a great default for when you just want to eat something good right now. It’s pretty much smack dab in the middle of Silverlake so if you live anywhere near there, you need to check it out (I highly recommend the veggie pot-stickers (dumplings) as an appetizer).

If you don’t live in the greater Silverlake area it’s not really something you need to travel to, however if you do want Thai food worth a drive from anywhere, you need to check out Tuk Tuk Thai (8875 West Pico blvd) which is a little more on the west side. When I lived in West Hollywood this was only a few minutes away, now I’m on the east side and it’s more of a trek but so incredibly worth it. I have dreams about this place. Yes, *those* kind of dreams, it’s that good. They might just have the best Tom Kah Gai (coconut soup) on the planet. If I was on death row that would be on my last meal request for sure. And their spring rolls… holy crap. Anytime, and I mean ANYTIME I’m on that side of town I swing by there and either pick something up or stop in, and it’s on my top 5 list of best places to eat in all of LA. If you haven’t been there already, trust me, go there now, you won’t be sorry. I need to stop thinking about this or I’m going to have to change my Indian food plans for tonight – I’ll report on back on that tomorrow.

UPDATE: I caved and went to Tuk Tuk last night, couldn’t help myself. Sorry, no Indian report today.

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  1. I’m sorry but if they’re moving from Chicago they’re going to be leaving the best Thai restaurant in the whole of the known universe. The River Kwai II. Tell them they should eat there every chance they can before they move to stock up. I know I did…

  2. Um, I’m going to have to disagree with you there Jason. The best Thai food in Chicago is at Thai Village on Division and Hoyne. Literally the best red curry EVER. I dream about this place like Sean dreams about Tuk Tuk only mine are dirtier. There are no words to describe my love for the Thai Village.

  3. Sorry Caryn, Jason is right. River Kwai is the best. Period. Discussion over. HOWEVER since it only seats about 6 people, I suggest everyone in Chicago go the Thai Village. That way I won’t wait so damn long getting the good stuff.

  4. I find it incredibly amusing that the discussion is on the best Thai places in Chicago.

    Since I work so near Thai Town, I’ve got to try some difference places. Most of the time, I just end up eating in my office, so I should really force myself to go out and try some new stuff.

    Leela is now at the top of my list of places to try.

  5. Ohhh. Tom Kah Gai. Mmm. Here is my question. Is Tuk Tuk Thai good enough to make a convert out of my boyfriend? He doesn’t like Thai food. What can I say? Love is blind. I sincerely believe he has just not had really good Thai food yet. I mean, how can you not like it?

  6. That’s funny because liking or not liking Thai Food is definitely something I use a gague to determine what kind of person someone is. Actually, a friend announced to me that she didn’t like Thai Food (long after we were friends so it was to late to back out of it) and I talked her into going there and now, not only does she like it, she craves it. Bad Thai food is horrible, and far too many people taste that crap and give up.

  7. Yeah, well when I first met him, he thought that Sushi and Dim Sum were gross. Now he loves them. This is why I hold out hope. We are going to have to try this place!

    (It’s a two way street, he corrected me and now I truly understand the joy of a good pupusa).

  8. Take your man to Tuk Tuk now! Sean and I went there yesterday and ate ourselves into a coma. Well, at least I did because I’m good like that…coconut soup, fried spring rolls, red curry with tofu and brocoli, and ice tea. The only thing better is a big bowl of pasta…yum!

  9. Someone has to represent for the forgotten Indian cuisine. I know Chicago has some badass Indian food, but I don’t know the lay of the land in LA.

  10. Hello everyone. I’m the owner of tuk-tuk thai on Pico and rambutan thai in Silver Lake. I did a google search on the restaurants and found your kind words. Thank you so much. Try the curry dumplings and the straw noodle appetizers.

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