Ok, so this is my first post on our new group blog dedicated to all things Los Angeles. I have wanted to do this project for about 6 months now but it wasn’t until I hooked up with Sean Bonner, who had the same ideas on to how to do it, that I got my ass into gear. So over the course of the past week we nabbed a few minutes here and there and here ya go! It’s still a work in progress and we’ll be building out cool new stuff as we go. My particular view of LA comes in the form of photography and rants on the absurdities of living in such a bizzare city. We’ve gathered a great crew here and will be adding to it in the next few weeks so check back for more!

3 thoughts on “Hola!”

  1. I’m fairly new to LA, so this blog has been like a tour guide.

    A very sarcastic tour guide.


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