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Mustang Premiere in SaMo was loud and the fans were louder


Ford’s 2010 Mustang Reveal Party last night was loud, frantic and attended by nearly 1,000 Mustang Club fans who brought along 400+ vintage mustangs. We got to hear the winner of the “My Mustang” story and watch him get the keys to his 2010 GT. We got to see the video from the video contest winner also. Both can be seen at The2010Mustang.com.

You just knew it was going to be a fun when they are handing out earplugs with a warning that it was going to be loud. The evening built to a crescendo capped with the 2010 models being drifted, skidded or simply driven onto the hangar floor at Barker Hangar in SaMo.  The fans gave them ovations as each one entered the arena.

The Mustang did get a gorgeous, chiseled new body and interior.  The engine options are the same but both power plants benefited from the cold air induction introduced on the Bullitt.  Short version is that the colder the air the more efficiently the car can burn its fuel.  End result is more power coming from a cleaner burn.   The options lists are extensive.  If you want more power than the base GT provides you can go through Ford Motorsports or an authorized dealer to have “super packs” added.  

Super-packs are how you make your ‘stang even more powerful and suspension tuned for more track performance to stay at the top of the performance pack.  “Super-packs” means supercharged engines producing 400 or 500 horsepower along with the mods to the car so it can handle that increased power.  Nice.

A few more pics and the drifting vid after the jump. Continue reading Mustang Premiere in SaMo was loud and the fans were louder